Imlie 8th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie And Atharva Join Hands To Catch Dhairya’s Murderer


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Atharva tells family that Kairi thought Imlie’s ordered fake evidence Imlie as puzzle book and brought it to him, which was blank. Imlie asks him to reveal the whole truth; Kairi got a call from someone that a puzzle book is waiting for her outside, is he that person who tricked Kaiir to get the evidence. Atharva asks where does she get unlimited supply of allegations. Imlie says now she is sure about her doubt. Devika says where there is trust, there is no place for doubt. Akash and Keya also yell at Imlie. Atharva says she is criminalizing his whole family. Their argument continues. Rudra stops them and says they have made Dhairya’s death into a joke, let police do their job, and they both should make sure that the family is not destroyed when the truth is unraveled. Family disperses. Anu girns and thinks if Imlie continues to doubt Atharva, Chini would be spared.

Atharva walks Imlie looking furious, then smiles, and congratulates her that their plan is working. Imlie recalls Atharva walking to her after she gets envelope and asking what does she feel after seeing into his eyes. He asks if she feels he killed Dhairya. She says she doesn’t anymore. He asks if he can help her catch Dhairya’s murderer. Imlie asks why he wants to do this favor to her. Atharva says Rudra has shattered after Dhairya’s death, he couldn’t be a good son to Rudra and wants to see his father smile again and support him. Imlie agrees. Out of flashback, they both notice Keya passing by and hide. Keya looks around and goes to her room. Atharva gets lost in Imlie’s eyes. A romantic song plays in the background. Imlie alerts Atharva that Keya is gone. Atharva’s locket gets stuck in her locket. Kairi clicks their pics and says they have become close friends now. They both get tensed and ask her to give them the phone, but she refuses and runs away. Imlie fears if someone sees their pics, they will learn about their plan. Atharva assures her that nobody will find out about it.

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Chini panics and tells Anu that she will be caught for sure. Anu tries to calm her down and asks her not to talk about it. Servant passes by holding Dhairya pic. Chini panics more and says its a sign that she will be caught soon. Anu asks her to relax as it’s just a picture. Servant fixes photo on a table. Chini asks him to remove it. Imlie asks reason. Chini says Rudra would be in sorrow always and will not forget Dhairya. She herself removes photo from there. Imlie asks servant to refix it and says Dhairya was part of Rudra’s life and he would remember him in a good spirit. Chini leaves. Atharva walks to Imlie and asks if she fought with Chini again as he heard her voice. Imlie says she will not accuse anyone without proof, but she feels Chini knows about Dhairya’s murder. Atharva warns her not to doubt on Chini as she has changed and took dare of him well since 5 years. He argues with her.

She says she will reach the culprit at any cost whether he helps her or not. He asks when did he say he will not help her. Imlie says since multiple times since 5 years. Their nok jhok continues when Imlie notices Devika and Shivani passing by and starts fighting with him. He doesn’t understand and stands confused. Devika walks to them and asks Imlie to stay away from Atharva’s family and asks Atharva to take care of his belongings well as there are his enemies/Imlie in this house. She asks them both to go to their room. They walk away. Devika says their drama doesn’t end. Shivani says she can see they are trying to understand each other better out of their fight. Atharva and Imlie hear them hiding.

Precap: Imlie confronts Chini for performing Atharva’s accident and Dhairya’s murder. Chini asks who will believe her. Atharva enters saying he will.