Imlie 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Anu Kidnaps Imlie’s Children


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Imlie notices suspicious men and asks them to stop. Men run away. Camp people notice their jewelry and money missing. Imlie notices Kairi and choti Imlie/CI missing and informs Atharva. Kairi is seen holding CI and mob running around Imlie runs towards her. Anu kidnaps Kairi and CI and thinks she will separate them from Imlie and then kill Imlie. Kairi notices Imlie and calls her. Anu shuts Kairi’s mouth and threatens to kill CI if she opens her mouth. Kairi pleads not to harm her baby sister. Imlie searches for them. She notices a boy crying for his mother and helps him. Akash and Keya notice Anu taking Kairi and CI away and tries to stop her. Anu’s goons hit Akash and pointing a gun on Keya ask Anu to move ahead with her plan. Anu leaves.

Imlie notices injured Akash and Keya who inform her that Anu took her daughters away. Imlie runs behind Anu, but goons catch her and misbehave with her. She hits goons and shoo them away. Kairi throws mud on Anu and tries to stop her. Anu throws baby in air and warns to throw her away if she acts oversmart. Imlie notices Anu again and runs behind her. Anu gets into a truck, bribes truck driver, and drives away from there. Imlie falls down and injures herself. She runs behind the truck. Atharva returns to camp and learns about Anu kidnapping his children. He determines to get her children back.

Anu reaches an NGO where Imlie had sent her earlier and thinks she will give girls here. Imlie prays Seeta maiya for help. She imagines Bal Gopal who asks her not to worry as Maiya is with her. She gets peacock feather from her veil and prays Maiya again with heavy dialogues. Feather flies and falls in front of NGO board. Imlie thinks Anu must have brought her children here. Anu lies to NGO people that these girls’ parents died and she brought them here. Kairi says this bad aunty is lying, she snatched them from their parents and their parents are alive. Anu says girl is in shock and hands over Kairi to NGO people.

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Imlie gets tired running on road and falls down unconscious. A couple stops their car and wakes her up. Imlie says she wants to reach her children and they are in an NGO. Lady says she is so lucky to have 2 children while they have none, even they are going to NGO to adopt a baby. They get her into their car and head towards NGO. Kairi resists to part ways with CI, but NGO lady frightens her and makes her sit with other kids. Imlie calls Atharva. Atharva asks if children are with her. Imlie says soon they will be with her, Anu dropped them in NGO, soon she will reach there and get them back.

Precap: Choti Imlie takes a singing job in a bar. An arrogant businessman enters bar with his friends and offers her money. Imlie refuses it. He asks her name. She says she is Imlie.