Imlie 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie On A Mission


Imlie 6th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Imlie tells Karan that he was discussing about his girlfriend Yashi who hasn’t visited their house yet, so she wants him to invite her to their house and introduce her to their family. Govind and Shivani also insist him to call her home. Karan says it’s impossible as she has exams. Daadi also insists him to invite that girl home as she doesn’t want him to repeat a mistake which Agastya did. Karan confronts Imlie for revealing his secret to his family even after promise him. Imlie says she didn’t reveal truth yet, he should himself reveal to his family about him and Bulbul or else introduce his family to Yashi. Karan says her trick will hurt his family. Imlie says nobody is weak hearted in his family.

Vishwa inspects Agastya’s car and finds a mask near it. He returns to outhouse. Navya asks why he is behind Imlie again. Vishwa says it’s his duty to protect her; there was no threat on her till she came into Chaudhry family and once she entered the family, her life is in danger; he feels she has an old connection with this family. Imlie calls Sonali and Shivani to the backyard and informs them that there is a tension between Annapurna Daadi and Agastya since a few days and she needs their help to clear it. Sonali says Daadi always loved Agastya and hated her, nobody helped her clear her and Daadi’s tension, then why should she help Imlie. Imlie says she should keep aside her differences and tell what connects Daadi and Agastya together. Sonail says Chaudhry Sweets.

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