Imlie 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie and Atharva’s Struggle To Save Their Newborn


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Atharva gets unconscious Rudra to the family and tries to wake him up. He checks Rudra’s pulse and says he is okay. Family relaxes and thanks god. Anu frowns. After some time, Ranas shift to a rescue camp. Akash informs family that there is a scarcity of food in the city due to earthquake, it’s difficult for them to get out of the city. Devika says god is with them. Keya says even Anu is with them and says she will call police and get Anu arrested. Anu says police won’t be interested in arresting her. Keya asks her to get out of there. Anu says where will she go after the earthquake. Keya says Anu would have kicked them out by now. Imlie delivers heavy dialogue that they are not wicked like Anu.

Rescue camp team announces refugees that the food has arrived. People fight to take food. Atharva shouts to stop and convinces them to form a que and get the food packets silently. Kairi complains Imlie that her biscuit packet is spoilt. Imlie gives her food packet to her. Atharva gives his food packet to Imlie. Imlie says she is not hungry. Atharva asks her not to lie, they can share food like their sorrows and happiness. They both share food. Serial’s title track plays in the background.
Camp officer notes down family members’ names. Devika says Anu is not from their family. Officer says she had accompanied them here, so they will include her in their family. Anu gets her name included and walks away to stroll ordering Keya to prepare her bed till she returns.

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Imlie informs Atharva that choti Imlie/CI is unable to breathe and hence they need to give her a nebulizer. They stand in a que to use electricity. Anu refuses to let them plug nebulizer as she wants to boil water. People tongue lash Anu for being so heartless. Officer asks Anu to move away and lets Imlie plug a nebulizer. Anu disconnects electricity and thinks god saved her from earthquake to destroy Imlie again. Officer says plug was fine just before Anu boiled water. Imlie doubts Anu and worries for her baby. She asks if there is a doctor here. Someone informs that they shall visit another camp where medical camp is set up. Atharva runs to that camp get a doctor. Devika tells Imlie that they shall boil water and use steam instead. Imlie delivers heavy dialogue that she will bring the sun down and boil water to save her daughter’s life.

Atharva reaches camp and requests doctor to accompany him as his daughter’s life is in danger. Doctor asks him to wait as he needs to attend other patients first. Atharva continues to plead. Imlie runs and gathers wood to burn it and boil water. Rain starts.

Precap: Choti Imlie takes a singing job in a bar. An arrogant businessman enters bar with his friends and offers her money. Imlie refuses it. He asks her name. She says she is Imlie.