Imlie 3rd September 2023 Written Episode Update: A New Beginning For Ranas


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Inspector praises Imlie for completing a task which police couldn’t. Imlie thanks him and says without her husband and family’s support, she wouldn’t have done anything. Inspector says he will request police department to honor Imlie. Back to hospital, Shivani gets discharged. Imlie asks how is she feeling now. Shivani says she is feeling energetic seeing her little bundle of joy and holds baby. Imlie asks Keya if she will not bless the baby. Keya picks baby and kisses her forehead. Baby pees. Imlie says baby is showing her love towards her badi maa. Keya says baby should have showed it from mouth and returns baby. Anu requests Ranas to take her along or else police will put her in jail. Ranas remind her sins. Anu says everyone gets a second chance. They say they gave her multiple chances. Imlie walks to her. Anu says she knows her granddaughter forgave her. Imlie says Anu will never change and walks away with family.

Ranas shift to a new home. Keya welcomes little Imlie. Imlie notices Devika thinking something. Devika says a person struggles in adulthood, but little Imlie is facing struggle since she is born and has to move to some other house and not her own. Imlie says little Imlie is saying that Daadi is beautiful and she is happy seeing whole family together. Devika says their life brightened with little Imlie’s arrival, but they couldn’t perform her graha pravesh. She performs little Imlie’s graha pravesh followed by Divya and Shivani. Imlie then serves tea to family. Rudra says they were eagerly waiting for little Imlie’s arrival. Shivani says they shall perform little Imlie’s nazar. Keya says little Imlie will not get nazar as she is Imlie’s daughter. Devika says they all will protect their granddaughter.

At night, Imlie says a daughter is a bundle of joy, but some people consider her as a bundle. She asks Atharva to protect his daughter. Atharva says he will or else Imlie’s daughter Imlie will not spare him. Imlie shows concern for little Imlie. Atharva assures her that nothing will happen to their daughter. Imlie feeds little Imlie. Anu walks to Rana Residence and laughs. She thinks she burnt Rana residence and took revenge from Ranas, she escaped from jail as she didn’t want to stay with Chini, where will she go now. She notices a board that Rana have shifted to a new address, laughs and says even fate doesn’t want Imlie to live in peace.

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Devika plans little Imlie’s naming ceremony and shows her brought bangles to Shivani and Devika. Keya walks in. Devika hides bangles. Keya says she has changed now, she doesn’t have anything to gift it to little Imlie, so she will give her old chain to little Imlie. Rudra says he felt good seeing her changed. Devika shows bangles and says she got them for Keya’s baby as Akash informed them about her fertility treatment. Devika asks her not to lose hope soon and continue her treatment. Ranas then notice an earthquake. Imlie wakes up Atharva and says she felt that he bed was shaking. Atharva says she must have seen a dream and asks her to sleep. Anu reaches their new house. Imlie prays god that they got happiness after a long time and shouldn’t get clouds of sorrows again. Anu thinks until she is alive, Imlie can’t live in peace. Ranas watch news of earthquake in Delhi. Rudra prays god to protect everyone. Anu looking at them from the first floor thinks god doesn’t want Ranas in peace and hence sent earthquake, and even if earthquake doesn’t shatter their world, she will. Anu feels something is wrong.

Precap: Imlie tells Atharva that with god’s grace, they got back their daughter back. Atharva says their family is complete now. Their house shatters due to earthquake.