Imlie 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Atharva Accuses Dhairya


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Imlie asks Atharva what is he doing in her room, if he wants to accuse and taunt her more or his party got over early. Atharva says party will start now, he wants to keep her away from his happiness, she closed all the door that reach him, he will close even her room door. He walks away asking her and Dhairya to enjoy and closing the door from outside. Dil Chori Sadda Hogaya.. song plays in the background. He joins family and dances withh them. Dhairya plays camp video. Kairi thinks princess mamma must be alone, should go and meet her. She walks into Imlie’s room and notices her watching camp video. She in a poetic style asks how can she watch a video without her, it must be bear/Dhairya uncle’s idea. Dhairya asks why she is calling him a bear uncle. Imlie asks Dhairya to send Kairi back to family as Atharva doesn’t like Kairi to be with her. Kairi asks them to play with her with Dhairya as goon, Imlie as a victim, and Kairi as a police. They agree and play with her.

Atharva stops dancing. Chini says though they are marrying for Kairi’s sake, they are a couple for the world and he should act as happy in front of everyone. Atharva notices Dhairya and Kairi’s play, gets confused as Dhairya beating Kairi, and starts beating Dhairya. Imlie stops him and says Atharva is a victim of misunderstanding again. Atharva says he saw Dhairya beating Kairi. Devika pulls Kairi aside out of concern. Anu accuses Imlie of trying to harm her chi baby’s daughter out of jealousy. Kairi says monkey paa is thinking wrong, they were playing a game and he ruined it. Chini sends Kairi to her room with Ginni. Kairi says everything is wrong here. Imlie says even a 5-year-old kid can differentiate between right and wrong, but Atharva has lost his sense of differentiation. Atharva then accuses Dhairya to trying to kill him via accident 5 years go, recalling Chini telling him that she found Dhairya’s chain at the accident venue. Imlie defends Dhairya. Rudra asks if he knows what he is saying. Atharva gets adamant and shouts that Imlie is defending someone who tried to kill him and kept him away from his family. He warns Dhairya to dare not come near his daughter or else even god can’t save him. He walks away from there.

Imlie walks to Atharva and says he got extra talented in accusing people and confusion, what is Dhairya’s mistake if Atharva left home for 5 years. Atharva says she started calling Dhairya as Dhairya from Dhairya ji in these 5 years. Imlie says it shouldn’t bother him. He says it doesn’t and asks if she has a courage to accept truth that she brought Dhairya home who snatched his dad, his family, his happiness, his love, so he didn’t want to stay with him and even he didn’t and hence killed him. Imlie asks if he has any proof. Atharva shows Dhairya’s locket and says he got it 5 years ago at the accident site. Chini watches it and gets tensed thinking her truth will be out. Imlie tells Atharva that there are innumerable lockets like this in the world, he can’t accuse Dhairya on the basis of this. Atharva says she has gone blind as Dhairya is her.. Imlie asks what does he want to say; Dhairya is her friend who is supporting her since he left till now; he knows how protective she is towards her friends, so he shouldn’t accuse her friend without any proof.

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Atharva and Chini’s mehandi ritual starts. Devika asks Atharva to put his mehandi-smeared hand impression on a cloth and let Chini do same on his impression. He does recalling writing Imlie’s name on his hand during their mehandi ceremony. Imlie walks towards Atharva, slips, and keeps her hand on his hand impression.

Chini tells Anu that she hates history, but Arto is repeating 5-year-old history; he showed her given locket to Imlie and accused that Dhairya tried to kill him; she fears Imlie will investigate and find out truth. Anu says they will get Imlie and Dhairya out of the house before that using Arto’s hatred and misunderstanding towards them. Chini fears their plan will backfire on them. Anu convinces to go ahead if she wants to live with Arto and Kairi. Imlie shows locket to Dhairya. Dhairya says it’s his locket, but he doesn’t know how it went at the accident venue. Imlie says she knows he was at home at the time of accident and should prove it to clear Atharva’s confusion. Dhairya says she can clear Atharva’s confusion but not hatred towards him as Atharva is determined to hate him at any cost.

Precap: Atharva drags Dhairya out of the house saying he can’t stay there anyone. Imlie stops him. Chini asks with what right she is stopping Dhairya there. Imlie says Dhairya is her would be husband, Chini is making one relationship and she is making another.