Imlie 26th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Agastya Is Guilt-stricken


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Sonali asks Agastya if Imlie didn’t tell him anything. Agastya says she didn’t tell anything about her or Amrit and just suffered humiliation by him; he not only humiliated her but also snatched her job and house and threw her out on the road. Annapurna asks if he really gave money to Imlie to return home. Agastya says he did and shows his account statement, but is shocked to see money still in his account. He calls manager who informs that the money was not transferred into Imlie’s account and he had informed him on diwali festival day. Agastya scolds manager and feels guilty for doing wrong with Imlie. He calls Imlie, but she doesn’t pick call.

Annapurna also feels guilty for insulting Imlie and asks Sonali why Amrit did wrong with them. She walks towards Imlie’s room to apologize her. Govind asks Annapurna to calm down or else her BP will shoot up. Annapurna says she needs to apologize Imlie. She knocks door and asks Imlie to open the door. Imlie opens door. Annapurna apologizes her for insulting her. Imlie says she is deeply hurt with Annapurna’s bitter words. Annapurna says it’s up to her whether to forgive her daadi or not. Imlie forgives her.

Vishwa gets Chaudhry family’s outhouse papers to Navya and says everything is going as per their plan. Annapurna requests Imlie to forgive Agastya as Agastya has suffered a lot since childhood. She describes how Alka rejected Agastya when he came in this house and called him illegitimate, it was Govind’s younger son Dhanraj who adopted Agastya and gave him a father and brother’s love. Imlie says she will think about it. Annapurna then walks to Alka and says she doesn’t know how Sonali will cope up with Amrit’s betrayal. Sonali is seen crying profusely recalling Imlie exposing Amrit’s truth and Amrit refusing to meet Sonali.

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Agastya calls Imlie repeatedly and pleads her to forgive him. She refuses. He sits outside the room door and cries profusely. Imlie melts down and is about to open the door when she hears mobile ringing from inside. Jugnu calls his brother Chandu and thinks why he is not picking his call. Imlie opens cupboard and Chandu’s body falls on her. She shouts in fear. Agastya breaks the door open and rushes to her help. Whole family gathers and are shocked to see Chandu’s body. Jugnu asks who did this to his brother. Annapurna asks Agastya to call police. Chandu shakes his hand. Jugnu says cChandu is alive. Doctor treats Chandu. Annapurna asks who must have tried to kill their guest Chandu.

Precap: Imlie doubts Avinash’s family and tells her family that Vishwa was following Agastya and now tricked and bought their outside, she feels there is something wrong. Vishwa was he was following Imlie and not Agastya.