Imlie 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Agastya Questions Imlie About Her Feelings For Him


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Vishwa tells Agastya that he has invited in Chaudhry Sweets and also wants to open his own sweet shop. Agastya says that is a fantastic idea and he shouldn’t hesitate to take his help. Vishwa says he wants Imlie to run his new shop. Agastya says they have recently decided in a family meeting that Imlie will join their factory. Daadi says they can extend their support, but can’t let Imlie work somewhere else. Imlie says when they are discussing about her, let her also speak. She accepts Vishwa’s offer and asks him to get the papers done. Chaudhry family feel upset with Imlie’s decision. Alka says it doesn’t look good if Chaudhry family DIL takes salary from someone else. Rajni says Imlie should have thought well before taking this decision. Daadi asks Agastya if he and Imlie had decided which department Imlie will work in. Agastya says no and walks away from there.

Imlie reaches Vishwa and says she did whatever he ordered her to do, he took his revenge from Chaudhry and now she is free to go; her marriage is fake with Agastya and she is not Chaudhry family bahu, she will get her money after Shivani’s marriage and will go from there. Vishwa says his revenge isn’t over yet, he saw Imlie’s love for Agastya and will destroy Chaudhrys if she doesn’t follow his orders. Imlie walks towards home in a shock. Agastya notices her from balcony. Daadi questions Imlie for accepting Vishwa’s job. Agastya says it’s Imlie’s choice to accept his or Vishwa’s offer, he is proud that Imlie took her own decision. Family stands silent.

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Sonali walks to Agastya and says she felt good seeing him supporting Imlie like Imlie supports her. Agastya says he was just controlling his anger and doesn’t why Imlie accepted Vishwa’s offer. Sonali says Imlie is supporting him and his family till their marriage contract he wants her to support them even after contract ends; he should understand Imlie’s feelings for her and his feelings for Imlie. Agastya recalls Imlie hinting him repeatedly and goes in search of her. Imlie reaches a tribal/banjara basti and cries profusely while banjaras dance and sing Ho Gaya Hai Mujhe Pyar.. song. Agastya finds her earring on road and reaches basti. He then finds Imlie crying profusely behind a tent and questions her reason for accepting Vishwa’s job. Imlie says it’s none of his business as she is not his real life. Agastya says she is right, but he wants to know if what Sonali told was right. Imlie says she doesn’t know what Sonali said. Agastya asks if she loves him.

Precap: Imlie warns Vishwa to dare not touch her. Vishwa says she is just a day’s guest in Chauhdry house, fixes a watch in her wrist, and says this watch will remind her of her promise and if she fails, he will destroy Agastya.