Imlie 23rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Vishwa’s Evil Plan


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Imlie bumps on Agastya while walking towards her room. He tries to clear mehandi from her hair. She nervously warns him to dare not try to touch her and walks away. Agastya has if she lost her brain while shampooing her hair. Vishwa suspiciously gets into a gift room and steals a watch meant to gift Avinash. Daadi asks Jugnu and Dolly to switch on lights outside as its getting dark. Imlie says she will and walks to outhouse and switches on light blabbering. Her blouse lace gets stuck to a nail and she tries to free it. Killer waalks towards her to attack her and hides when Agastya walks in calling Imlie. Agastya asks Imlie what is she doing here. Imlie says her blouse. He helps her free the lace and ties it. Imlie experiences bubbles in her heart with his touch. She feels crying and runs away from there. Agastya asks why is she crying and behaving weird since morning.

Chaudhry’s find watch missing and search of it. Agastya walks to Daadi and asks if she called him. Daadi’s a watch meant to gift Avinash is missing. Imlie says she will go and get another watch in her cycle. Shivani says she has mehandi on her hands and can’t ride bicycle. Daadi says it’s night now and asks Agastya to accompany Imlie. Agastya asks Imlie why she is behaving weird. Imlie doesn’t reply anything and walks towards car. Vishwa watches them going. Navya tells him that she saw him stealing watch. Vishwa says he is trying to get Imlie out of this house. Navya says she saw the way he was looking at Imlie and now feels his focus is diverted towards Imlie instead of his mission to get justice to his father. Vishwa says his focus is still on his mission.

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After buying watch, Agastya drives car fast towards home. Imlie asks him to slow down. Agastya says they need to return home soon. He applies brakes sensing crashing his car on someone and gets out to check. He finds no one and relaxes. He hugs Imlie thanking god. Imlie feels bubbles from her heart again. They drive away again. Vishwa walks from behind and over phone tells Navya that he found a way to destroy Chaudhrys. Agastya and Imlie return home. Chaudhrys perform ritual and gift watch to Avinash. Imlie continues to act weird. Agastya tells Sonali that Imlie is behaving weirdly since morning. Imlie says his and Imlie’s marriage contract is ending, so he should connect both things together to get an answer. Agastya says he understood, walks to Imlie, offers her job contract, and asks her to sign it soon and free herself from worries. Imlie fumes and says he will never understand her issue and will be a walnut shell always. She goes to sleep. After some time, killer who is hiding in the room gets down and walks towards Imlie. Imlie wakes up. He hides. Agastya also wakes up and asks what happened now. Imlie says she is going out to sleep in balcony. He asks her to wait and walks away saying she is weird. Imlie sleeps back on her bed. Killer looks at her from balcony.

Precap: Imlie and Agastya party after their contract ends. Agastya thinks if he shall express his feelings for her. Later, Imlie gives her wedding invitation card to Agastya, thinking she loves him but has to do this. Vishwa covers her eyes from behind and she thinks it’s Agastya. Vishwa asks her to forget the past and walk holding her future’s hand and walks holding her hand. Voiceover asks why Imlie decided to marry Vishwa.