Imlie 22nd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Agastya Gets Noyonika’s Alliance


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Agastya walks towards Johri house’s watchman to question him about Noyonika Johri. Imlie reaches there and thinks her lie will be exposed if Agastya speaks to watchman. She runs to him. Agastya says there she is and asks if she goes on a walk wearing heavy shiny lehanga and jewelry. Imlie says she likes to do tough things, it’s difficult to walk wearing 10-12 kg lehanga and jewelry. Agastya says she is a puzzle. Imlie stands confused. Agastya explains it’s meaning in Hindi and asks if she left her English somewhere. Imlie says she carries English in her pocket, but Hindi stays in her heart. She gives office keys to him and asks him to leave. Agastya asks if she will not invite her boss to her home. Imlie says everyone are sleeping now, so she will invite him some other day. Agastya drives her car away. Watchman wakes up and asks Imlie who she is. Imlie gives him a weird answer. Watchman shoos her away.

Imlie returns home. Pallo demands her money and threatens to break Ashu’s medicine bottles if she doesn’t. Imlie says she didn’t earn anything in a bar today. Pallo asks if she was enjoying with a rich man. Imlie warns her to stop accusing her character. Pallo tries to throw the medicine bottle away. Imlie holds it and delivers heavy dialogues. Pallo leaves yelling. Bulbul looks at Amrit’s business card and thinks she can grab money from the rich man when he is ready to spend on Imlie.

Next morning, during breakfast, Daadi informs family that Noyonika Johri’s alliance has come for Agastya. Agastya joins family and asks if they are badmouthing about him behind his back. Daadi says he got Noyonika’s alliance. Agastya recalls Imlie’s argument regarding rich and poor yesterday and thinks he didn’t know she is interested in him. Daadi asks him to look at Noyonika’s photo. Agastya is about to take pic when Sonali takes it and tells Daadi that Agastya is interested in snatching family business from her and would marry even a bazooka. Agastya asks what bazooka, Daadi knows he will never marry in life. Daadi warns him that if he doesn’t marry, she will transfer business in Sonali’s name.

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Bulbul calls Amrit as Imlie and reminds him that he wanted to spend 2 lakhs to listen to her song. Amrit says she was behaving like a tigress in bar, what happened now. Imlie says she is impressed with his dashing personality. Amrit starts flirting and asks her to give him a kiss. Bulbul demands 5000 rs. He transfers her money. She kisses him. He says he will reach bar right now. She asks him not to as bar has strict rules. He says he will book a hotel room then. She asks him not to be in a hurry and have some patience and disconnects call.

Agastya calls Amrit and says he wants to talk. Amrit asks if he is tensed regarding alliance. Agastya asks if Daadi informed him already. Amrit suggests him to marry Johri’s daughter as she is the only daughter and rich. Agastya says he is coming to meet him and asks to send his location. Amrit sends him location and reaches bar. Imlie gets tensed seeing him and thinks if he creates ruckus again, she won’t get salary even today, so she has to shoo him away somehow. Agastya reaches outside bar and searches for Amrit. Noyonika’s photo flies and falls inside the bar. Agastya runs behind it.

Precap: Heavily intoxicated Amrit gets angry on Imlie when she rejects his advances. Imlie gives him lecture on woman’s dignity and throws him out of the bar via bouncers. Agastya reaches bar and thinks what is Noyonika doing here.