Imlie 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Atharva Spends Time With Imlie and Kairi


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Imlie wins society’s father’s day drag race. Host announces third and second price winners. Geeta’s husband wins 2nd price and praises Imlie for coming first. He says she is a hero and Kairi is proud of her. Geeta gets angry and drags him away. Another woman also praises Imlie, leaving Geeta and Hema jealous. Host then announces Imlie as winner of 1st prize. Imlie gives speech on how women always run to get grocery, behind children, to get drying clothes from terrace, etc., and says running is a part of woman’s life and nobody should degrade them and instead support them in move of their life. Society’s secretary Sharma offers her prize and praises her. Imlie says she runs to gain speed and not win and doesn’t care whoever comes in between. She walks away leaving him fuming.

Imlie gives her trophy to Kairi. Kairi feels happy. Atharva walks to them and congratulates Imlie. Imlie asks why is he here now when he could have participate in race. He says he wanted to participate in race, but when he heard Imlie and Kairi’s conversation yesterday where Kairi was sure that Imlie would lose, he decided to let Imlie participate and show her girl power. Kairi says they should celebrate. Imlie says Atharva has some work. Atharva says he is free and wants to join them if Imlie allows. Sharma walks in and asks Imlie if this man is troubling her, he will call guards and get him out of here. Atharva warns him to mind his language, he is Imlie’s… Imlie stops them and asks why they forcefully want to help a woman without seeking it and walks away from there. Atharva follows Imlie.

Kairi sings a song for Imlie. Atharva says he feels jealous as she didn’t sing a song for him, but it’s okay as Imlie is a winner today. Kairi says let us have lunch outside. Atharva says he will book a table in a restaurant. Imlie says they will celebrate with ice cream. Atharva walks away. Imlie asks Kairi to go and play in the garden. Kairi says she can’t go as kids taunt her seeing her torn shoe. Imlie in a funny style mends Kairi’s shoes and make it look beautiful. Atharva returns with ice cream and feels sad seeing Imlie’s monetary condition. Imlie asks why he is feeling pity. Atharva says he can transfer some money in her account if she wants to. Imlie says she wants to teach Kairi that money is not everything in life, even he was teaching same to Kairi in Goa, then why he is stopping her. She asks him to keep ice cream in the fridge and leave.

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Next morning, Imlie walks out of the house for job interview. Sharma stops her and asks her to become his secretary instead of searching for a job and enjoy life; she just has to do whatever he says, he will not penalize her for late rent payment and even will share food with her. Imlie calls Sharma’s wife and tells her what he said. Wife drags Sharma from there. Imlie delivers heavy dialogue praising herself and leaves for interview. Rudra seeks his business associate’s Chopra’s help to get a job to Imlie. Imlie gives interview to Chopra. Chopra says with her qualification and experience, she is perfect candidate for this job. Imlie says her previous interview said same but didn’t give her job as she has a 5-year-old kid and thinks she can’t handle both job and work together. Chopra says even he has a small kid and he manages job well. He says their office has a crutch in office where she can bring her daughter and let her play there. Imlie thanks him. He offers her appointment letter. Imlie leaves happily. She gets suspicious and walks back. Chopra calls Rudra and says he gave job with double salary than usual to Imlie and demands a business deal in return. Rudra promises. Chopra turns after finishing conversation and gets tensed seeing Imlie.

Precap: Society’s secretary asks Imlie to cooperate with him. Imlie warns to expose him if he tries to come even near her.
She later hugs Atharva emotionally. Secretary clicks their pics to defame Imlie.