Imlie 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie Threatens Chini To Reveal Her Truth To Abhishek

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Atharva tells Imlie that the movie was very interesting. Imlie says yes. He says I don’t know but who has complained about us. Imlie thinks Chini would have done this. Atharva checks for the cabs and says there is no cabs near by. Imlie suggests that they shall go by auto. Atharva says I never sat in the auto before. Imlie says it will be fun. Atharva says I will look for the auto. He asks the auto to wait. Imlie laughs and asks him to say loudly, and tells that auto driver will not feel bad. Rudra tells Chini that if he comes to know that they have suffered any loss because of you, then nobody will be bad than me. Chini asks him to threaten someone else, tells that she is different and she had done the same thing which Imlie did, tells that Imlie had spoiled her plan with Atharva and that’s why she has spoiled their plans and settled the scores. Rudra warns her. She tells that destiny is a big thing, whatever is destined will happen, irrespective of what you feels, good or bad. Bua comes there and asks if everything is fine. Chini tells it would be more good as Atharva is with Imlie. Bua asks her to come as Abhishek is waiting for her. Rudra thinks to call Imlie and Atharva.

Imlie whistles and stops the auto. Atharva looks at her and smiles. The auto driver stops the auto. Imlie says lets go. They sit in the auto. Atharva says we will reach home in the morning, this way. He asks driver to ride fast. The auto driver tells that he is having injury and that’s why riding slow. Atharva feels bad and tells Imlie that they shall get down and take a cab. The auto driver asks him not to get down and tells that their auto run because of the passengers. He says he will ride fast. Imlie gets an idea and gets down, and sits on the driver seat. Rudra gets worried when they don’t pick the call. The driver tells that it was my work. Imlie asks him to call her daughter and tells that it is work for you, but dream for me. She asks the auto driver to fulfill her dream. The auto driver says ok. Imlie starts riding the auto.

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