Imlie 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Keya’s Evil Act

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Imlie works on a new project on her laptop. Devika brings milk for her and says she shouldn’t ignore her health for work. Family walks in and congratulates her for her promotion as an assistant reporter. Imlie asks who informed them about it. Rudra says Sundar informed him and congratulates her again. Imlie thanks him. Keya says he is congratulating Imlie as if she became a minister. Atharva jokes that one gets a promotion as assistant report from intern and not a minister. Everyone chuckle on her. Keya fumes. Devika asks Atharva how was his first day at office, he looks tired. Rudra says Atharva worked hard today, so obviously he is tired. Imlie and Atharva then go on an ice cream date. Akash tells Keya that Imlie is laughing after getting him removed from his job and giviting it to Atharva. Keya determines to take revenge from Imlie.

Imlie and Atharva enjoy ice cream at a roadside stall. Jo Tum Na Ho To Hum Bhi Hum Nahi.. song plays in the background. They feed each other and feel romantic. Dhairya calls Rudra and says he called to remind him about the proposal presentation. Atharva says he remembers and will finish it by morning. Dhairya says his presentation should help both Chadha and them as everyone’s job would depend on his proposal. Atharva says Rudra considers his office as his second home and as his son, he will not let anything wrong happen to his family. Dhairya thinks rich people can talk big and can’t understand problems of poor, he hopes Atharva prepares a good proposal and saves their job.

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Imlie and Atharva return home. Atharva gets busy working on his proposal. Imlie brings coffee for him. Atharva asks her to bring her laptop here and work with him as he will feel relaxed when she is around him. She goes to bring her laptop and finds her research file missing from her laptop. At

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