Imlie 15th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Anu Succeeds In Her Evil Plan


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Rana family is busy celebrating Imlie’s baby shower ceremony when Anu silently walks away. Imlie gets suspicious and follows her. Anu receives a file from her lawyer. Imlie asks her if she got back her properties. Anu says she has got a surprise gift for her and walks in. Ranas learn the cheque they offered to the caterer has bounced and are further shocked to know that all their bank balances have turned zero. Athava informs them that their lawyer called and informed that all their money is transferred into Anu’s name. Anu grins and asks Imlie if she liked her gift. Ranas are more shocked. She laughed and asks Imlie if she thought she would give her a cheap gift, her gift turned out to be more costly to Imlie. Imlie says she is angry on her for backstabbing her dear ones who trusted Anu blindly.

Atharva tells Anu that Ranas don’t accept defeat without fighting and asks Manish to call their lawyer, he will not let their assets stolen by Anu so easily. Anu says people see the success and not the hard work behind it, she acted as good for 7 months and then grabbed their wealth. Atharva gets inspector’s call and walks aside. Imlie asks is this the reward she gave for her family’s help. Anu says she didn’t point a gun at them, she just snatched the power from great people.

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