Imlie 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie Refuses To Help Anu


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Atharva and Imlie romantically dance on a romantic song and get lost in each other’s eyes. Family alerts them. Devika keeps her key bunch on table. Imlie goes to have water and notices someone wearing a shawl near the door. Atharva pulls her back on dance floor. Devika panics seeing her key bunch missing. Family asks her to relax as it must be somewhere here. They all search for the key bunch. Atharva notices a shawl wearing thief and catches her. He is shocked to see Anu. Rana accuse her of coming to ruin their happiness and stealing key bunch. Divya brings keys and says she took them to keep her jewelry in safe. Ranas ask Anu to tell why she came here. Anu reveals that she lost everything in income tax raid and is wandering since morning without food or shelter.

Imlie asks why did she come here. Anu says she cake to seek help from Imlie and just needs shelter and 2-time meals. Imlie refuses to help her and asks her to leave. Keya criticizes Imlie for not helping her grandma and tells Akash that Anu had turned Chini into chant Chini, so she can help them. Akash says though Anu is wrong, it’s for the first time that a helpless woman left Rana house without getting any help. Imlie says she is feeling most guilt for not helping Anu, but Anu will never change. She reminds the conspiracies Anu did to help Chini. Rudra says he will agree to his DIL’s words and says there shouldn’t be any more argument now. Ginni acts as feeling asleep and pushes Imlie and Atharva into their room.

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Atharva feels romantic while Imlie feels guilty for not helping Anu. Atharva opens champagne bottle and says people go on a honeymoon trip, but Imlie went on a guilt trip. He insists Imlie to enjoy champagne. Imlie says she doesn’t have alcohol. He says it’s not alcohol and force feeds her. Imlie says it’s sweet and gets heavily drunk with him. They both get romantic and consummate. Next morning, Imlie sees herself besides Atharva and says this happiness is permanent. She sees heavy rain outside and goes to close the window. She notices Anu drenching under rain and collapsing on the bench. Family brings Anu in. Doctor checks her and says she got fever due to drenching in air and will be alright in 2-4 days. Keya and Akash bring a boy and introduce him to Ranas as their grandson. Imlie gets happy and lifts the boy Tapan. Anu opens eyes and grins. Keya recalls Akash stealing a poor boy. Anu catching them red handed and threatening to them to expose their act if they don’t convince Ranas to let her stay in their house. Keya agrees. Out of flashback, Imlie feels Anu is here with some motto.

Precap: Voiceover says this Sunday, there will be unknown enemy in Imlie and Atharva’s lives. Doctor congratulates Atharva and Imlie for becoming parents again. Voiceover asks who is this unknown enemy.