Imlie 10th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Anu Murders Atharva And Imlie


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Police arrests Imlie and get her into their car. Imlie asks her baby not to worry as her mother will return soon. Rudra requests Vivek Manchanda to not involve family in their professional rivalry and return his granddaughter. Vivek asks him to touch his feet and plead him. Rudra bends down. Ajay stops him and apologizes Rudra on his father’s behalf, but says he can’t return baby though and will take good care of her. Ranas with their lawyer reach police station to bail out Imlie. Inspector says Imlie trespassed Manchanda’s property and tried to steal their baby. Atharva says it’s their baby and Imlie went to take back her baby. Inspector says it’s a weekend and they can submit Imlie’s bail application on Monday.

Goon cell mates trouble Imlie and ask why is she here. Another inmate protects Imlie. After sometime, Imlie cries watching CI’s bangle. Goons try to snatch bangle from her and injures her. Imlie collapses. Inspector asks constables to take Imlie to hospital. Imlie opens eyes and recalls describing her story to the inmates and planning her escape. Inspector informs Vivek that Imlie escaped from police station and is found near his farm house, so he should be alert. Baby’s room catches fire. Vivek and Pooja think Imlie set fire to kidnap baby. Imlie runs in and brings baby out. Inspector reaches and arrests Imlie for setting fire and trying to steal baby again. Pooja stops inspector, takes back her complaint, and returns baby to Imlie.

Atharva and Imlie reunite with their children and drive car towards home when Anu gets their accident via a truck, kidnaps children, and leaves in a truck. Imlie and Atharva wake up and pray god to save their children from Anu. Bal Gopal emerges in a passing by truck and gives them a drop. Anu’s truck breaks down. She gets out of the truck yelling at the truck driver. Imlie and Atharva reach and snatch their children back. Imlie slaps Anu. Anu shouts nothing good can happen to Imlie until she is alive, gathers mob, and lies that they are snatching her daughters away. Mob threaten Imlie and Atharva to return Anu’s daughters. Imlie delivers a heavy dialogue. Mob gets afraid and runs away.

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Imlie and Atharva take their daughters away when Anu follows them with a gun. They both get their children on a boat and encourage Kairi to take care of her baby sister. Anu reaches and shoots Atharva. Imlie throws a stone on Anu’s hand. Anu picks gun again and shoots her. Imlie falls down. Atharva holds her and asks their story will end like this. Imlie says it will continue and she will not leave him even after death. Atharva says I love you. Imlie says I love you too, let’s go now as Seeta maiya is waiting for them. They both wave good bye to their daughters and pass away holding each other’s hand.

Inspector informs Rudra that they found Atharva and Imlie’s dead bodies in Yamuna river and his granddaughters are still missing. Devika and Rudra collapse hearing that. Anu calls someone and says she is sending 2 babies to him and will send money every month for their upbringing, but he should make sure they are far away from happiness.

Precap: Choti Imlie takes a singing job in a bar. An arrogant businessman enters bar with his friends and offers her money. Imlie refuses it. He asks her name. She says she is Imlie.