Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeet Saves Sartaj.

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Rajwinder tells Kuldeep to forget everything and let’s talk in person. But Kuldeep refuses to change his decision and says he will only marry Heer. Heer questions Kuldeep if he ever considered her feelings and tells Parneet that she isn’t rich enough to buy her self-respect. She declares herself as Heer Kaur, meaning Princess, her father’s Princess. Heer responds to the accusations by highlighting their big hearts, emphasizing that they build relationships from the heart, not based on social status. Heer tells Kuldeep that she cannot unite hearts where there is no respect and leaves. Kuldeep’s father understands Heer’s perspective.

Heer walks out. Ranjha follows her to apologise. Ranjha comforts Heer, but she wishes he had refused Navjot’s invitation to bring him there. Heer expresses that Navjot is concerned about her, but her career is more important, and marrying into such a family would make her unhappy.

Kuldeep approaches Heer, acknowledging her viewpoints and admitting that meeting her changed him. He expresses his willingness to do anything to make her happy and asks for a chance to prove himself. Heer firmly rejects his proposal, explaining what true love means—keeping one-sided feelings hidden for years and making sacrifices for the other’s happiness. She insists that love becomes a part of dreams. With each statement, Ranjha reflects on his own feelings for Heer.

Heer reveals her life goal of reaching the peak in her career to fulfill her father’s dream. Kuldeep promises to make her realize his true feelings one day. Navjot tries to persuade Heer about the relationship, but Heer declines. Heer tells Ranjha that he has deeply hurt her. In Sartaj’s room, a fire breaks out due to firecrackers. Everyone is scared to enter, but Heer points out that someone is willing to help. Ranjha rushes in, wearing a necklace with his mother’s picture, and rescues Sartaj. Ranjha fails to notice Sartaj holding his mother’s picture. Heer suggests giving CPR when Sartaj’s heartbeat stops, reviving him. Sartaj blesses Ranjha, who feels a newfound connection with him. Navjot tells Heer to sit by Sartaj’s side, but she leaves. Ranjha and his father share a look, unaware of their connection.

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Precap: Navjot says to Heer you will marry Kuldeep and you won’t step out of this house till the time you don’t get married. Rajwinder says to her son I’m unable to get the Singh’s land and MNC is threatening to cancel the deal.  Her son says you just worry about land, I have taken care of Heer and Ranjha. She asks him what are you going to do?