Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kuldeep supports Heer in front of Rajwinder.

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Heer remembers what Rajwinder told her about the mandi and the rates and thinks this means she wants to steal our land, but she did nothing when her son returned our land to us. Heer enters Sunny and Simran’s room, where Teji is also present. Teji mentions that her kids are big fans of Heer. Heer shares that she isn’t fond of noisy places, and Teji remarks that Kuldeep tends to create noise wherever he goes. Kuldeep arrives, excited to reveal a surprise to Heer. Meanwhile, the minister questions Rajwinder about Beant Singh’s land issue, but her thoughts are preoccupied with Heer. Later, she assures the minister that nothing can stop the Atwals.

Heer, feeling upset, descends, catching the attention of Ranjha, who regrets bringing her to the event. As Heer approaches Ranjha, Kuldeep intercepts, urging her to wait for the surprise. Once he leaves, Heer instructs Ranjha to get his bike ready as she wants to leave immediately. However, Kuldeep surprises everyone by playing the guitar and singing a song.

Parneet confides in Rajwinder, expressing her belief that Kuldeep is interested in Heer. Rajwinder, determined to marry Tanya to Kuldeep, brushes aside the notion. Both Kuldeep and Ranjha imagine themselves with Heer.

Kuldeep questions how many are present to hear him sing, teasing that he has something special to share. He hints that hearts will be broken, but before he can elaborate, Goldie and Sunny start fighting. Rajwinder intervenes, encouraging Sunny to assert his Atwal identity. Heer intervenes, advising against spoiling the kids. Rajwinder emphasizes Sunny’s wealth, but Heer asserts that respect is more important than money. Kuldeep supports Heer, emphasizing that children can fight without any status difference.

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Rajwinder, angered, breaks a mirror and decides to assert her authority over Kuldeep. She aims to show him that a mother’s love is not a weakness and announces her choice of Tanya as Kuldeep’s bride. Tanya arrives, greets Parneet, and questions Kuldeep’s excitement. He remains silent. Heer suggests leaving to avoid family chaos, but Kuldeep takes the microphone, surprising everyone by proposing to Heer for marriage, leaving her shocked and Ranjha disheartened. Navjot is delighted, while Rajwinder angrily leaves as guests criticize the situation. Tanya questions Kuldeep’s choice, and Parneet blames Heer, but Kuldeep defends Heer’s simplicity and courage. Rajwinder urges Kuldeep to discuss the matter later. Still, Kuldeep insists on his love for Heer and declares his intention to marry her.