Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 24th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Jarnail lies to her mother about harming someone.

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Jarnail is worried. He believes if he can’t find the pendrive, he might have to resort to drastic measures. His mother questions him, asking whom he wants to harm. He lies, saying it’s a worker who stole from his factory, and he plans to give him a punishment he won’t forget. She asks who the worker is, and he angrily leaves. She wonders if she missed something in his behavior and ponders what’s going on in his mind.

While overhearing Heer’s conversation with the commissioner, Jarnail thinks she might be planning to check the CCTV footage. Disturbed, he leaves. Heer advises him not to bring it home to avoid hurting her brother-in-law and family. Meanwhile, Kuldeep plans a surprise for Heer. Sunny and Simran discover this and plan to inform Heer, but Kuldeep insists it’s a secret.

At the venue, Heer’s family arrives, and her brother is impressed by the reception decorations. Rajwinder sarcastically welcomes them. Gurpreet praises Jarnail’s son for fighting for love. Teji tells Sartaj they need not worry about Heer. Jarnail searches for Heer and is shocked to find the commissioner there.

In her room, Heer gets ready for the reception, recalling her family’s advice. Kuldeep admires her, and they share a happy moment. Jarnail questions his mother about inviting the commissioner, and she explains it’s an opportunity to meet them on her son’s reception day.

Navjot is worried as Ranjha is not answering calls. Ranjha is shown tied up in a dark place. The attention turns to Heer and Kuldeep at the reception, and Jarnail looks displeased. The commissioner presents a bouquet to Heer, praising her bravery. Jarnail searches Heer’s room for the pendrive and finds something in her bag. Navjot advises her to prioritize her in-laws’ happiness.

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As the reception continues, Ranjha remains in danger, and Heer fears for him. Kuldeep proposes to Heer in front of everyone, announcing a surprise. Jarnail finds a pendrive, believing there’s no evidence against him, but notices many pendrives in her room. He thinks he must check them all to find the real one. Jarnail arrives at the party, making Heer nervous, and he quickly grabs a falling pendrive. Heer notices his actions.

Precap: Heer announces in front of everyone, she says I got to know something about one of the Atwal’s sons and it’s something I can’t hide from everyone. She shows the pendrive and says whatever I’m going to tell you is in this Pendrive.

Jarnail points his gun at them and says now this is the only way to stop her. Kuldeep sees the Gun. Jarnail aims and shoot.