Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajvinder Usurps Beant’s Mansion

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The families from both Kuldeep and Heer’s sides exchange garlands, symbolizing the unity of the two families. Jarnail is determined to find the pendrive and plans to search Heer’s room. Ranjha notices Jarnail’s actions, raising suspicions about his intentions. Suraj Singh hands some papers to Rajwinder, and Jarnail strategizes on how to get rid of Ranjha.

Jarnail intentionally mentions that the snacks seem moist, prompting Beant Singh to ask Ranjha to bring fresh ones. Ranjha understands the ploy and realizes Jarnail deliberately made him leave. Heer expresses her true happiness, waiting for Kammo to find Naina.

Jarnail sneaks into Heer’s room to search for the pendrive, while Jasmin enters and notices the disarray. Jasmin decides to pack Heer’s bag. Hidden behind a curtain, Jarnail remains undetected. Ranjha peeks into Heer’s room through the window and reenters. He instructs Jasmin to continue packing and checks behind the curtain, narrowly missing Jarnail. In the hall, Jarnail is already present, and Ranjha keeps a close eye on him.

Navjot hands Heer envelopes containing money for Sunny and Simran. Heer expresses that a part of her will always belong to the house, no matter where she stays. Rajwinder calls Beant Singh and discusses the issue of dowry. She emotionally talks about constructing a massive factory on their land, making Kuldeep and Heer its owners. Beant Singh, not fully grasping her words, promises Heer’s happiness in the Atwal house.

Rajwinder presents land property papers, which Beant Singh signs. Unaware, Heer overhears their conversation and later receives the papers for the Haveli. Grateful, Heer thanks Rajwinder for fulfilling her promise and hands the papers to Beant Singh. Beant Singh expresses fear about sending Heer to an unknown house but promises to stand by her side. Rajwinder acknowledges the sacrifices made by both father and daughter.

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The bidai ritual commences, and Heer carries soil from their land, sharing an emotional hug with Beant Singh. She requests Gurmeet to take care of everyone. Ranjha intervenes when he notices a guy carrying a knife but learns it’s for the cook. Heer appreciates Ranjha’s uniqueness and asks him never to change. Ranjha assures her that he’ll be there whenever she needs help. Heer completes the ritual by throwing rice grains and bids farewell to everyone. In a shocking turn, Ranjha, on his way to Atwal mansion, gets injected by unknown individuals.

Precap: Heer gives a dress to Rajwinder and says my mother bought this for you. Rajwinder says she must have bought it from a sale. She gives a dress to Jarnail. He replies I wear only branded clothes. Teji walks to Heer and says don’t worry I’ll ask my stylist to make something for him out of your clothes.

Jarnail says to Teji don’t think that you can do anything because Heer came to this, I know very ell how to control you and that girl. Heer listens to everything.