Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Jarnail plans to kill Heer

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Heer holding the saree says to Ranjha, Jarnail reacting to purpule colour was very strange. Rajwinder’s tale about Jarnail’s childhood seems made up, and there’s something fishy about the purple colour. Ranjeet expresses frustration, saying if they weren’t family, he would have confronted Jarnail. Heer senses a connection between Naina and Jarnail and considers asking Kuldeep about it. Ranjeet fears Heer might be heading to the wrong conclusion but hopes she’s right. Kuldeep receives a call from Heer, notices his low phone battery, and puts it on charge before talking to her.

Heer inquires from Kuldeep about Jarnail’s aversion to the colour purple. Kuldeep reveals he learned about it recently, and the incident Rajwinder mentioned might have happened before he was born. Heer feels her suspicion about Jarnail is valid. Kuldeep, however, thinks Heer just used Jarnail as an excuse to talk to him. Jarnail wonders why Heer is asking so many questions and plans to silence her before she exposes something.

Navjot gets upset with Heer for still probing into Jarnail’s matters, accidentally dropping a glass of milk. Beant Singh questions Navjot’s scolding of Heer. Teji tries to settle Sunny and Simran by explaining Rajwinder’s actions. Navjot insists everyone thinks she’s wrong, but Heer claims she’s just concerned about Naina. Navjot vows Heer won’t leave until she gets married in two days. Teji questions Jarnail, noticing his worried look, and he snaps at her, disturbing the kids.

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Beant Singh requests Heer to spend her pre-wedding days with him, realizing that these moments will be his only memories after her marriage. Heer contemplates how to uncover Naina’s truth while staying in the house. Jarnail envisions Heer tying him to a chair and burning him, deciding to harm her before his nightmare comes true. He picks up a pistol, determined to make Heer’s mehendi ceremony the last ritual of her life. Meanwhile, Heer gets ready for the ceremony, recalling her decision to marry Kuldeep for the sake of Beant Singh.

Jasmin suggests Heer become the daughter of the house after her departure. In return, Heer promises to give an honest chance to her relationship with Kuldeep. Beant Singh, looking for his spectacles, is captivated when he sees Heer. He considers her a real-life fairy. Heer expresses concern about Naina’s case, but Ranjha advises her to focus on her wedding, assuring he will help with Naina’s matter. As Heer leaves for the mehendi ritual, Ranjha prays for her well-being.

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