Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 14th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Heer asks Kammo about Naina

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Heer walks inside her room and thinks about Kuldeep’s love confession. In her dream, she envisions running and getting hurt by a thorn. Ranjha appears and helps her, removing the thorn and placing an anklet on her foot. Heer gazes at him affectionately, but he vanishes before she can touch him. She wakes up abruptly, urging him not to go away. Jasmine teases her about dreaming of Kuldeep.

Heer explains that it was someone wearing a mask but felt safe with that person in her dream. She describes the person with green shiny eyes. Ranjha arrives, reminding Heer about going to the Gurdwara. Jasmine realizes that the person Heer dreams about is Ranjha. Both Heer and Ranjha pray at the Gurdwara. Heer takes a picture with Naina and meets Kammo. Kammo hugs Heer emotionally, revealing that Naina has been missing for a few years. She explains that Naina went to work every day but never returned.

Kammo asserts that they are powerful and wrongly labeled her as mentally unstable. Suraj Singh also looks for Kammo in the Gurdwara. Heer asks Ranjha to let Kammo stay at his place for a few days. Heer waits with Kammo while Ranjha searches for an auto. Suraj Singh brings her shawl and is nearby but misses seeing them. Rajwinder calls Suraj Singh for a video call, noticing Kammo, and instructs him to look behind. Before he can turn around, she leaves in an auto with Ranjha and Heer. Teji asks Rajwinder why she looks disturbed, and Rajwinder diverts the topic, asking her to arrange for Heer and Kuldeep’s engagement.

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Heer helps Kammo relax at Ranjha’s house and learns about Naina’s disappearance. Heer promises to find Naina and ensure justice for what happened to her. Ranjha mentions that Naina used to tie rakhi to him every year. Teji arranges decorations for the engagement. She receives a call from women’s welfare regarding Kammo’s issue raised through a tweet by Heer. Teji informs Kammo about her engagement, and Kammo mistakenly blesses Heer and Ranjha together.

Heer clarifies that Ranjha is just her friend, and she is getting married to the Atwals. Heer’s family arrives at the Atwal mansion. Both families dance together, and Rajwinder informs Kuldeep that his father won’t come for the engagement. However, his father surprises everyone by attending, stating that he had to come as Kuldeep is his blood.

Precap: Rajwinder asks to begin with the ceremony. Kuldeep’s father says how can we start our daughter-in-law is not here yet. Navjot says she is here. Heer walking down the aisle. Jarnail walks toward Heer to harm her but Ranjha holds his hand and stops him from harming her.