Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranimaa scolds Surili


Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 8th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Shiv defending Surili. Doctor comes and says Swati isn’t fine, wrong medicines are given to her, she is critical, we are trying hard to save her. Raghav recalls bribing the doctor. Ranimaa asks about the baby, Swati is carrying the heir. Doctor says sorry, its not possible to say anything, we are trying to save them. Shiv says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Swati and her baby. Ranimaa says I just want to meet Swati. Shiv asks Surili to stop crying, nothing has happened, Swati will be fine. He consoles her. Ranimaa goes to see Swati. Roshni recalls changing the medicines. Samar says now Surili and her perfect bahu image will get ruined. She says talk slowly. Shiv sees them.

Ranimaa calls the doctor and asks him to tell her about the medicines. She thinks why did Surili do this. She recalls Surili’s words. Samar makes an excuse and goes. Shiv asks Roshni to be with Mohit. Ranimaa gets the medicine bottle. She checks. Doctor calls her and says its abortion medicine, it can kill a person. Ranimaa is shocked.

Surili says I was sleeping till now, where did everyone go. She goes out to see. Shiv hugs Raghav and consoles him. Everyone cries. Swati asks Surili to get happy. She says you have removed the thorn from your way. Roshni and Samar smile. Swati says I lost my baby, stay away. Shiv says its wrong to blame Surili. Swati scolds Surili. She pushes her and argues with Shiv. Shiv asks her to mind her tongue. He says Surili was taking care of you, she is also pregnant, you are blaming her. Surili and Swati go to Ranimaa. Raghav asks what proof do you want, Surili planned this.

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Swati asks Ranimaa to see, Shiv has got blind in love. Surili says Ranimaa, you know me, you trust me, I don’t lie, I don’t think bad for anyone. Ranimaa takes Surili to her room. She scolds Surili for playing politics. She says you are cunning.

Surili says I can never harm Swati, trust me. Ranimaa asks what’s this. She breaks the medicine bottle. She says you fooled us by your goodness and did this, you have killed Swati’s baby. Surili says I accept all the blames, but not this one, sorry, I don’t know who gave you this bottle and what happened, I m not bad, I didn’t do anything, you are wrong. Shiv comes and says I believe Surili, she isn’t wrong. Ranimaa says tell me, why did she give abortion pills to Swati, it was here in Surili’s room. Shiv says I will deny all the proof. Ranimaa says she came here to break this family. Shiv says I trust you and Surili equally, maybe you made a mistake. Surili says I never did wrong with you. Shiv says Surili came here for the sake of love. Ranimaa says I don’t want to talk to you, Swati and Raghav need me. She goes. Surili says I didn’t do anything. She gets dizzy. Shiv holds her.
Maan gets fine. He hugs Shiv. Ranimaa asks who has snatched Veera from us. Maan says Swati killed him. Everyone is shocked.