Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 8th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Surili’s good news


Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 8th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Roshni arguing with Shiv. Surili says storm is going to come, I will talk later. Pammi says okay. Shiv says everything can get fine, you need Mohit’s dad. Roshni says he is married, I don’t want to drag him back. He says a father is much needed in a child’s life, I miss my dad a lot. She says be out of it. He says you can’t even see your son because of stubbornness. She says its my self-respect, that person didn’t look back once, he is married, he has moved on, stop it, there are more ways. He asks what ways, I want to know. She asks him to leave her alone. He says I want your betterment. Surili shuts the windows. Roshni opens the door and asks Shiv to leave. She says everyone talks big things but no one takes responsibility, just leave. He says its your thinking, you think you are doing right, its not right, how will he know about Mohit if you don’t say, maybe he accepts her, good people are also there. She asks what would you do if you were in his place. He says yes, I would have accepted my responsibility, whatever is right is easy, tell me, what’s his name, where does he stay. She says shut up, do you have courage to hear it. He says yes, tell me, I will talk to him personally. She says you are Mohit’s father. He is shocked. Shiv and Surili’s wedding pic falls. Surili checks it. Shiv asks is Mohit my son. Roshni says yes, I came here for treatment, I didn’t think I will meet you, I know you are happy in your life, I m also happy with Mohit, be thankful that I didn’t get stubborn to get you, else I would have not stepped back, don’t tell this to anyone. Shiv cries and leaves. Raghav comes to Samar. He says we will go to the new pub and party. Samar says later on, I promise you. Raghav says you are lucky for me, we will win. Samar says I will see you. Raghav says we will go in 15mins. Samar says you want to celebrate so soon.

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Swati comes to Ranimaa and asks why am I treated like an outsider. Ranimaa asks her to talk with respect. Swati says Surili is troubling Maan, if he takes stress, then he can get asthma attack. Ranimaa asks what. Swati says Surili is making ghee halwa, she can feed it to Maan. She complains about Surili. Ranimaa goes. Ranimaa comes to see Maan. She sees Surili talking to him. Surili asks Ranimaa to have the halwa, try it for Maan’s sake. Ranimaa eats it and likes it. Surili says Maan, everyone will like it. Swati looks on.

Shiv walks on the road and thinks of Mohit. He recalls his childhood. Everyone dines. Surili says I don’t want to eat anything. Mithi serves laddoos and tea. Surili feels nausea. Ranimaa asks are you okay. Surili says sorry, I think I m not well. Samar asks is it a viral fever, I can take you to the doctor. Swati asks shall I call a doctor home. Surili says no, thanks. Ranimaa says fine, go to your room and take rest. Surili goes. Ranimaa asks Mithi to take care of Surili and take her breakfast to the room. Ranimaa comes and gives the pregnancy test kit to Surili. She asks her to go and check. She says maybe we will get a big happiness, I have four children and life’s experience. Surili thanks her. Ranimaa goes. Surili checks the kit for results.

She prays. She smiles seeing the positive results. She says Shiv is going to become a dad, I should give the good news to Shiv first, I will call him, no, I won’t tell him on call, his expressions will get missed, I will give the good news when he comes home.

Shiv comes to meet Roshni and Mohit. He says Mohit is my responsibility, I m explaining him. Surili says I want the baby to look like his dad. Roshni argues with Shiv.