Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 3rd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Surili tries to find the truth


Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 3rd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Samar putting hot wax on his hand. He burns the shirt. He puts the ketchup on the shirt and drops it under the bed. He says Surili, this is for you. Swati comes to his room. He says you came too late. She says flirt later, why did you call me at this time. He flirts with her. He says I have a gift for you. She says its Veera’s dagger and Maan’s phone, how did you get it. He makes the dagger fall and asks her to pick it, its hurting a lot. She picks it. He thanks her. Surili thinks of Samar. She sees Shiv sleeping and goes. Swati says I will keep Maan’s phone. Samar says give it to me, I will keep it safe, I don’t share the room with anyone, you stay relieved now, go and sleep, I have to go somewhere. She asks where. He says I have many sorrows in life. She goes.

Samar says poor girl, the dagger had mine, Veera and Swati’s fingerprints, now it has just Swati’s fingerprints, imagine the controversy, she will get caught. His inner self asks him to lock the cupboard. Samar says thank you buddy, I can just trust you. Surili thinks where can he go at this time, he isn’t here.

She checks the room. She gets the shirt and sees the ketchup marks. She washes the shirt and says its ketchup, maybe I m overthinking. She leaves. Maan and Sam are sleeping. Maan recalls Samar. Surili comes and says we are with you, Maan. Its morning, Samar asks Raghav to hurry up for the meeting. Raghav says come. Shiv comes and says wait, no need to go anywhere, I will attend the meeting, I got the update, the clients are bankrupt, I m sure no one told you, so I will take over. Raghav argues. Samar stops him. Raghav says no Samar, one has to change decisions in business. Shiv says yes, but we can’t make wrong decisions. He asks Samar to stay out of his personal matter. He says you are a guest, stay as a guest, don’t try to become a member, okay. He goes. Samar asks Raghav to relax.

Surili asks Maan not to worry, Shiv is going for work, he will be back soon, I will take care of everyone. Shiv thanks her. She says work is imp, handle work, I will take care of the family. Shiv leaves. He talks to Bandish in the office. He says I won’t be coming to Mumbai for some time, just update me. Bandish says construction work is going on outside, take the left route. Shiv thanks him and goes. He sees Roshni on the way and offers lift. She says you here, did you like Mumbai so much or did the girl shift here.

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He says I love Ranak, I came here for business. They have a talk. He asks what happened to your smartness, book a cab. She says phone battery is dead. He says I will give you lift, come. She says no. He asks her to come. He says sorry, if I said anything wrong. She says I have to meet someone at the hospital. She gets dizzy. He runs to hold her. He asks her to get up. Surili says why didn’t Shiv come till now. She calls Shiv. Shiv doesn’t see the call. He asks Roshni are you fine. She says yes, don’t worry. They sit in the car.

She says I m fine, I m diabetic, I didn’t eat food, so I got dizzy, trust me, arm wrestle and see. He says you are still the same, stubborn, have this, its sugar free. She jokes. He laughs. He checks Surili’s missed call and messages her. He smiles. She says your wife is missing you, you leave for home, I will also go home. He says I will drop you home. She calls him stubborn. He says just like you. Surili comes to Maan and asks how are you feeling. He moves his finger. She says this is a miracle, I m so happy, we can communicate now, I will ask you few questions, move the finger if your answer is yes. She asks are you interested in talking to me. He moves his finger. Swati looks on and thinks what is Surili talking to Maan. Surili asks can you help me about that incident, whatever happened with Veera, do you know anything, were you alone or others were also there. Maan moves his finger. Surili asks did it happen because of riots or were anyone else was involved, say yes. Swati worries and stops Surili. Surili says I m trying to talk to Maan. Swati says come with me, his BP is getting high because of you. Surili says I will come back and then we will talk. Surili goes out and asks why did you shout, I won’t tolerate such behavior. Swati says Maan needs rest, don’t hurt him. Surili says I wanted to know who is responsible for his condition, he is trying to communicate, treat him like a normal person. Swati says fine, but stay away from Maan. Surili says no, its about my family’s safety, I will find out the real culprit, trust me, I will find it out.

Roshni asks Shiv to leave her like before. Surili checks Veera’s belongings. She gets Veera’s phone. Swati thinks to delete the message in Maan’s phone. Surili calls Maan. Swati checks the call.