Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 31st August 2023 Written Episode Update: Surili stops Roshni from leaving


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The Episode starts with Ranimaa saying I had explained you before, you are thinking from your heart, you let this happen, its right for this palace. Surili says I can’t see Shiv like that. Ranimaa says we have to see his pain. She explains her. She says I love Shiv a lot, we should choose the right thing for our loved ones, you decide what you should do, don’t forget, you are going to give birth to a legitimate Barot. Roshni thanks Surili. Mohit says I will miss you a lot. Surili says I promise, I will call you daily. Roshni says sorry Surili, Shiv is the father of our children, but your baby will be called the heir of Ranak, he will be called legitimate, but my Mohit will be called illegitimate. Samar gets angry. Roshni says I didn’t want Mohit to know this truth, how will I explain him, he can’t get lucky like your son, thanks for everyone. Samar goes.

He asks Mohit not to forget him. Roshni comes. Samar says you like to hit on your foot. Roshni says you won’t understand my game, focus on your next move. She leaves with Mohit. Shiv comes and says I got a cycle and gifts for Mohit. Samar says Mohit and Roshni left. Shiv says they didn’t wait for me. Surili looks on. Samar says yes, they left for the bus stand. Shiv says I will give the gift to my child. He goes. The vase breaks. Samar says breaking of glass is called shagun, good luck. Shiv’s car doesn’t start. He runs on the road.

He reaches the bus stand. The man says the bus left. Shiv sits sad. Mohit comes. Shiv hugs him and says I felt you left me, I got a cycle for you, see, how did you come here. Mohit shows Surili. Shiv thanks Surili and says I love you so much. Surili says love you too, how can I see you in this state, now smile. He says Roshni didn’t agree to stay back, how did you convince her. She says we will go home and talk. Shiv says we will go home, Mohit. They come home. Samar looks on. Mohit asks will you teach me to ride a cycle. Shiv says of course. Samar asks what’s the suspense. Roshni says life has no fun without thrill, don’t worry, everything is going fine. Samar says plan is Shiv and Mohit will get close, and you will do a drama, you came back on Surili’s saying, what did she say. Roshni says I knew it, I made a permanent place for Mohit and me, Surili is good, it doesn’t take time to make good people our puppets. They laugh. Ranimaa sees Mohit and Roshni. She asks what’s going on, Roshni came back again. Surili says I got her back. Ranimaa scolds her.

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Surili says sorry, I did it for Shiv, I couldn’t see the pain in his eyes, I just wanted to see his happiness. Ranimaa says you made up your mind to give Agnipariksha, I m the elder here, I m alerting you again, you are making a big mistake, there is time, rectify this. Surili says sorry, times have changed, its not necessary that the same thing will happen with me. Ranimaa says history repeats itself, you insulted me by not listening to me, why did Roshni come back. Surili says I got her home, I know you have tolerated a lot, the other woman had snatched your peace and happiness, it was wrong, but Roshni isn’t like that, she didn’t ask me anything. Ranimaa says don’t be good, why would she ask you anything, you are giving her whatever she wants. Surili says Shiv loves Mohit, Roshni is Mohit’s mum, she has a right to stay with Mohit, both Mohit and my child are Shiv’s blood, why is one legitimate and other illegitimate, why should one get the support from family and other out from the family, its wrong, so I promised Roshni, Mohit will get his rights, legally. Samar and Roshni smile. Surili says Mohit also has a right, he will get equal share of Shiv’s property, I will make papers ready.

Raghav asks what about my child. He argues with Shiv. Samar smiles.