Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 30th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar gives the dagger to Swati


Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 30th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Samar saying Mohit, blood relations are strong. Roshni goes. Samar asks Mohit to get his dad’s love. Mohit says no, he left me and my mum alone, I missed him, he will miss me now, I won’t go to him. Samar says play a game with him, give him a chance if he wins, else I will come with you to Mumbai. Shiv says I need to talk to you Maa. Surili plays Maan’s voicemail. Samar and Swati worry. Ranimaa cries and says his voice has so much pain, I can’t see him like that. Shiv says please be strong, we have lost Veera and Maan isn’t well, the person with S name is the culprit, I will find him, I need your help, recall what did Maan talk to you all that day. He asks Surili not to worry and take care of herself and baby. He hugs her. Mohit comes. He asks can I sleep with you tonight. Shiv and Surili say of course, come. They talk to Mohit. Meri duniya tu hi re…. plays… Shiv hugs Mohit and sleeps. Samar messages Swati.

She thinks why is Samar calling me out at this time. Mohit coughs. Shiv goes to get milk for him. Samar sees Shiv and hides. Shiv checks around and doesn’t see Samar. Swati goes. Shiv asks Mohit to have the hot milk. Mohit thanks him. Swati comes to Samar and says you trapped me in this, what if anyone saw me. She asks what will happen now, we can get caught, how can you stay so calm, I will expose you if I get caught. Samar says if you take my name, then you will also get trapped, you killed Veera, I didn’t. She scolds him. He says relax, you keep this dagger with you now. She asks why, I won’t. He says Shiv and Surili will doubt me and check my room, no one will doubt you. She goes. He says now no one can save you. Shiv feeds the food to Mohit. Roshni asks Mohit to change, they are leaving. She says I don’t want Mohit to get habitual to you and this palace, this is the best for him to leave. Shiv asks her to stop. She asks Mohit to go and change. Mohit asks them not to fight. Shiv and Roshni argue. He says don’t separate my son from me, please stay back for some days. She says he is my son, we have to leave from here some day, he will get more close to you, what about his heart, did you think of his feelings, he will break, its better that we leave. Surili looks on. Shiv cries and says Surili, Mohit is leaving, I will click a pic with him, I will go to market and come, I will buy a cycle for him. He gets emotional. He says ask Roshni not to go anywhere, I will just come.

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Shiv says I got the cycle and toys for Mohit. Samar says they left. Shiv runs to the bus stand and learns the bus left.