Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 24th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Surili’s argument


Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 24th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Roshni coming to Shiv and talking to him about Mohit. She says I had come here to find you, I was ousted and threatened, I didn’t lose, I made you many calls but no answer, I was helpless, why didn’t you answer. He says I promise, I will fix everything. She says no, you can’t give him both his parents, so don’t give me false hope. Samar comes to Mohit. He gives chocolates. Mohit says no thanks.

Samar says I m Roshni’s good friend, we are friends now, I m also connected to this palace the same way. Samar tells about his childhood. He encourages Mohit. He hugs him. Roshni sees Surili. Surili gets Pammi’s call. Surili says I m going for sonography with Shiv, I m so excited, love you. Roshni sees Mohit playing with Samar. She asks him to talk to his friend. She asks Samar his motive. He says I like kids, but I feel for Mohit. She asks why. He says he is my reflection, he has no harm from me, I m his shieled. Mohit says teacher asked me to make family tree project. She asks him not to worry. Roshni goes to Shiv and tells about Mohit’s assignment. Shiv thanks her for giving this chance. Surili thinks to show sonography reports to Shiv later. Shiv says we will win Mohit’s heart. He goes and sees Mohit throwing his pic away. He cries. Roshni comes. She likes the family tree. She asks Mohit to go and eat lunch. She asks Samar what is he doing here. Shiv goes to his room and gets angry. He hurts himself.

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Samar asks Roshni how did you like it. Surili comes to Shiv and tells about the sonography report. He asks why didn’t you tell me. She asks how could I tell you. He says you want to make my child away from me, Mohit is already away from me, am I heartless, don’t I feel hurt. She says stop it, we can talk calmly. He says you are doing wrong with me. Samar says I want Shiv to get distracted. Roshni says good one. He says you understand me, our motives are the same. She goes. He says take your time. Shiv and Surili argue. He says I have no relation with Roshni, she is trying to bring me close to Mohit, trust me if you want. She says your past is over my present and future. He goes. Roshni hears them and smiles. She says till you understand this, you will become Shiv’s past.

Roshni and Samar join hands. Ranimaa asks Surili to fight for her baby. Surili scolds Shiv and Roshni.