Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranimaa tries to convince Samar

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Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Surili saying we have to keep patience. She says Samar’s way is wrong, but he isn’t a wrong person, he is doing this because of pain, the pain which Samar and his mum underwent. Ranimaa asks what are you saying. Surili says it’s the truth, he has the same blood in his veins, he didn’t get love, Shiv got your love, support and guidance, what’s Samar and his mum’s mistake in this. Ranimaaa says you are taking their side. Surili says no, we can’t deny the truth, one day someone has to end the difference. She explains Ranimaa.

Ranimaa goes to Samar. He says its my room now, this palace is mine, it belongs to Suchitra Devi. Ranimaa says you think I have hurt your mum and insulted her, no, I came to tell the truth, I have done it with a wife’s right, anyone would have done this, I got justice, I became Ranak’s queen, I respected her, she didn’t ask me anything, she didn’t fight, she knew that she can’t win the world with love, ethics and relations should be on our side, you are her son, you have your dad’s blood, you are like him. He says its not true. She says its true, you may have enmity with me, relations are made with love, one gets drawn to love, person gets loneliness with hatred. Samar argues with her. Ranimaa says I had four children and then got to know about your mum, I kept patience. Samar says you have lost, you are proud of your dynasty, we will see. He gets the oath frame and says I will ruin this like I ruined Barots. She says no Samar, its my ancestral vows, spare it, it’s a sign of our family. He says new vows will be written. He throws the frame and goes to step on it. Ranimaa says no, don’t do this. Shiv stops Samar and takes the frame. Ranimaa taunts Samar. Samar asks her to get out. Ranimaa says I have my sons with me, you keep the house, I had come to talk to you with love, I think you know the language of battle, you don’t deserve my love, you aren’t my family. Shiv asks her to come. They go. Samar gets angry and hurts himself. He recalls his mum. Roshni asks what did she say. He says Ranimaa is proud of her sons, she was talking big things, I will see her, 2 days and I will get this palace auctioned. Roshni is shocked.

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He calls and talks about the auction. He says I told it, I won’t give them a chance to handle this, we will win. He sees his mum’s ashes. Its morning, Samar dines. He asks everyone to sit and have lunch. He says please sit down, I have a good news, eat sweets. He says Ranak palace is going to get auctioned. They get shocked. Ranimaa asks what. Samar taunts her. He eats the food. Shiv says you can’t do this. Samar says your palace is gone, shall I get a hut for Ranimaa outside. He laughs. Shiv asks Ranimaa to calm down. Samar says all the best and goes. Surili and Maan stop Samar. She says we came to be a part of your sorrow, we came to explain you and handle you.

Shiv and Samar fight. A man shoots Shiv. Surili and Ranimaa run to Shiv.