Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar swears revenge


Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 17th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Samar saying Raghu’s anger is his weakness, I will use it against him. He burns Raghu’s pic. He sees Maan and says you love your family a lot, you have affection for them, I will finish them, your loneliness will kill you. He burns his pic. He says Sam, your sin is lust, I will make you make such a mistake that you will lose the Ranak palace roof. He burns the pic. He says Swati has greed, it will take her towards her end, I will make her dance on my tune. He burns Ranimaa’s pic and says your ego is your sin, I will snatch your everything. He sees Shiv’s pic. Shiv prays. Samar says you think you are very intelligent, I will end you and take everything that is mine. He sees Surili’s pic. Surili also prays. He says I like your will power, I will attack on your love and separate you with Shiv, I will start with you, Surili. He burns her pic. Pandit says havan completed, now you have to immerse these things in the river. Ranimaa asks Maan to give Dakshina to pandit.

Swati says I m tired, I m going to rest. Shiv says Surili, I need to talk something imp, I will just immerse these things in the river and come. Shiv goes. Surili comes to her room and gets the divorce papers. She says we couldn’t keep the relation for 7 weeks when we promised to be together for 7 births, Shiv wants divorce from me, fine then. She removes the mangalsutra. She packs her bag and leaves. Samar goes to the room. He gets the divorce papers and throws the mangalsutra there. He goes. Shiv comes and asks for Surili. Mithi says I don’t know. Shiv goes to his room. He gets her mangalsutra. He says Surili didn’t wait for me, she forgot our promises, is our relation so weak, she has ego, why. Surili is on the way. Shiv also leaves from home. Surili comes home and hugs Maasi and Sasha. She cries and tells them everything. Maasi asks how dare Shiv talks about divorce. Surili gets Shiv’s call. She doesn’t take his call. He shouts its my mistake, but give me a chance once. Maasi consoles Surili. Shiv keeps calling her. He returns home in the morning. Ranimaa says you were out all the night, what happened. He says I will talk to you later.

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Shiv comes to the kitchen. He sees Maan baking cup cakes for Ranimaa. Raghu asks him to grow up. Shiv says business isn’t everything in life, Maan is right, Maa needs us right now. Sam says we will bake it together. They make the cup cakes. Mithi asks them to ask Surili to make it. Shiv scolds her and asks her to leave. Maan says we will call Surili. Shiv bakes the cupcakes and says its ready, we didn’t need anyone’s help, don’t take Surili’s name always.

Raghu says we will join hands with Samar. Samar says yes, Shiv isn’t giving attention to business. Shiv gets angry at him. Ranimaa asks Shiv to go and get Surili. Shiv goes to meet Surili.