Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Surili fights back


Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Surili saying I have just one wish, my champ is born in the family where there is only love in the hearts, whatever Maan is saying, its your teaching, he is thinking from his heart, you all are thinking from mind in anger, its easy to run away from problems, but facing the problem is tough, Samar has snatched everything from us, tell me one thing, its all ours, why are we leaving the house, Samar will win, this is our house, he is trying to break us, we have to go back inside and answer him, he should know we are together, tell me, who is with me. Everyone holds her hand. She says we will go inside. They all go inside. Mohit hugs Roshni. Samar says this house isn’t yours. Surili asks why are you shocked. He says what happened that you came back, couldn’t you face the world, oh its so hard, no car, no driver. He laughs. Surili says save your energy, it will be useful, we are united, what’s the use, you tried to break us and made us enemies, even then we are together to face you, you can never break us.

Shiv says you have snatched our palace and gave two options, we will stay here and break you down, we will defeat you. Raghav says break us if you want, we will be together. Samar says wow, what a dialogue, you all chose the second option, I will set the rules, I will break you all, this love, family and unity will be ruined. Ranimaa says you can’t break us, try it and see. He says just see what I can do, you are proud of yourself, I will break your unity, its an open challenge, ex Ranimaa, we will give you a grand welcome, I want you to remove your pic and put my mum’s pic there. Raghav shouts. Samar says keep the tone down.

Samar asks Ranimaa to say, will she do this or go out. Roshni asks why did you leave mumma. Mohit says Surili and Shiv are ousted, its wrong, its their house, Surili is my fav, she tells the truth and she isn’t scared of anyone, saying the truth is a good habit. Ranimaa changes the pic. Samar says well done, now the palace looks perfect, get ready, I will tell you what to do. Raghav does cleaning. He says Maan, we are seeing this day, don’t worry, I won’t get angry, I know anger is a weakness, Samar took an advantage of it. Maan says don’t think much.

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They clean the place. Maan feels weak. Raghav asks him to sit and take rest. He says you just got fine, let it be, I will do the work. Samar comes and scolds them. He talks to his mum’s pic. He asks Ranimaa to make Rajma chawal. He names many dishes. He says I will have sweets. Surili comes to help Ranimaa. They cook together. Surili says your hands have magic. Ranimaa says I can make any type of cuisine. She tells about Shiv’s childhood. Samar tastes the food. He says its really bad, you all can go out if you can’t make the food well. Surili worries. She goes to the kitchen. Sam says I will wash the utensils. Raghav asks do you know it. Sam says no. Surili says I will teach you. They all sit and have food. Ek dusre se karte hai pyaar hum….plays… Shiv says once everything gets fine, then mum has to cook once a week like before. Raghav says yes. Samar looks on and thinks they aren’t affected by my words. He says not bad… you finished all the work, very good, you forgot this, that’s okay, I forgive you, Surili ji, you are not only their bahu, but their courage, strength and backbone. She says what to do, I got them here, they will get their rights after some time, time can change anytime for them and for you also. Samar says I know how to cut down hopes, I will fill hatred in them. She says you tried that, we are together and safe, you can plant hatred seeds, none can make them break or fall weak.

Samar says this palace is going to get auctioned. Everyone is shocked.