Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Surili confronts Swati


Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Surili fainting. Shiv holds her. Ranimaa says I don’t want to lose another heir. Shiv rushes Surili to the hospital. Doctor says its not a good sign that BP gets high in pregnancy. Ranimaa says she is elder bahu, she is strong, don’t worry, how is my heir, tell me, nothing should happen to the baby. He says baby is fine, don’t worry, you can take her home after sometime. Ranimaa says thank God, the heir is safe. Shiv says I know the evidence is against Surili, but truth will come out, Surili is innocent. She says I know what’s the truth, I will explain Raghav, Swati’s wound will heal, I just want the family to get ahead, if anything happens to my heir, then I won’t forgive anyone, tell Surili that she gives the heir to me, I m ready to forgive her. Surili hears everything. Ranimaa goes. Shiv gets a call from office. Surili asks him to take the call. He answers and says no, I m not going anywhere, my wife needs me more. She says no, go for the meeting, I know how imp it is, I m fit and fine, everyone is there for me, go now. He goes. Surili asks the doctor about Swati’s checkup. Doctor says no, its not that imp. She insists him to say. He says I didn’t think Swati is pregnant, she had a vomiting because of indigestion, we know it on the basis of heartbeat if anyone is pregnant or not, you are fine now, you can go home, take vitamins, don’t worry, I will come to the palace for follow up. Surili calls Shiv. She says Swati wasn’t pregnant, it was a drama. Shiv doesn’t hear it. The lady says Clients are waiting. Shiv says I have to go to the meeting, I will come and pick you from the hospital. Surili says its okay, I will tell you when you come home. Swati listens music and dances. She says I m very happy, I trapped Surili. Surili comes. Swati shouts on her. She starts acting sick. She says I thought to hear music and dance to divert my mind.

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She asks Surili to get out. Surili says I promise I will learn manners next time, what will you do now, your secret isn’t a secret now, I know the truth, you were never pregnant, why did you do this, tell me. Swati asks what nonsense, what proof do you have. Surili calls the doctor and asks him about Swati’s pregnancy, are you sure she wasn’t pregnant. He says 100% sure. Surili thanks him. She asks Swati why did you do this. Swati sits crying. She says I was helpless, I did this because of you.

Roshni is with Mohit. Mohit makes a drawing. He says Surili is so nice, she takes care of me, she loves me like Shiv does. Swati says this is my childhood dream, I want to be a queen, I thought to marry Shiv, I didn’t love him, my family promised me, I wanted that position and respect, you came and snatched my fate, you became the queen and I got helpless, I married Raghav when Ranimaa promised to make me the queen, she saw your goodness and got impressed, you got pregnant, I had one way to win. Surili says I have always regarded you my sister, so I can understand your pain and bitterness, nothing is imp than truth and goodness, I didn’t know royal protocols, when I married Shiv and came here, I didn’t race to get the throne, I did everything by my heart, with love, I advise you to do your duty, you will get love and respect. She asks are you proud of yourself now, no, right, what’s the use to do all this. She explains her.

Maan gets okay. He hugs Shiv. Ranimaa asks who has killed Veera. Maan points at Swati and says she killed Veera.