Harphoul Mohini 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Devi to be kidnapped


Harphoul Mohini 23rd November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Mai buys vegetables. Devi is with her. Devi says it’s so less. Get gobi for gobi ka phoor. She increases the amounts and her weight doesn’t go down. The seller was fooling Mai. he says how is it not going down. I had a magnet here. Mai says I will slap you if you do this next. Devi says never to cheat people. She says let’s go Harphoul. Devi asks Mohini if anyone told the police about Devi’s parents and to find them. Mohini says they said they will let us know when they find her parents.

Scene 2
Shalin says there will be a carnival in the village today. It will be so much fun. There will be a lot of sweets. Devi says what is it? She says it will be a place with a lot of food, toys, and rides. Devi says I wanna go there. Harphoul says no, there are a lot of crowds there. Mai says I always took you there, take her now. Harphoul says what will I do there? Shalini says Mohini and I can take her. Shalini texts Balwant. He says I wanna meet her before killing her.

Mohini, Devi, and Shalini come to the festival. Devi runs to a ride. Divyani comes there. She tells Balwant she will get the girl. Devi sits on the ride. She says this was fun. What’s there? Mohini says ice cream. Stay here I will get it. Mohini goes to buy ice cream. Divyani comes near Devi. Devi turns back, her friends are there. They dance around her singing leader. Mohini gets ice cream for all of them. They all go to play with her. Divyani tries to pick her.

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Scene 3
Mai asks Harphoul why are you so worried? You always love kids. You always play with Savi. Why don’t you play with Devi? Tell me if something is wrong. Harphoul says, Devi. Devi says Mohini I miss Harphoul. Harphoul gets hiccups. Mai gives him water. She asks what happened. Harphoul says nothing. Shalini asks Mohini to come to the dupatta stall with her. Mohini is worried for Devi. Shalini distracts her. Divyani looks for Devi. Devi plays with the kid no one plays with. She says all kids are special. Bhola wins the shooting competition. Devi comes to a stall. Balwant waits for Divyani. He loads his gun. He says I will kill her today. He takes the dagger and says see what I do.

Devi eats cotton candy. Divyani comes near her. Divyani tries to pick her. Balwant says no one can save her now.

Episode ends