Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th September 2023: Commissioner Saves Happu And His Children


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Amma asking Happu to fight with Rajjo. Happu asks what kind of a mother she is who is trying to break her son’s marriage. Amma threatens to kill herself. Happu calls Rajjo and fights with her for not preparing chilli gulab jamun for him. Rajjo asks if sweet gulab jamun wasn’t good, Vimlesh couldn’t stop eating. Happu asks can’t he obey his orders and prepare what he wants. Amma slaps him and says Rajjo works so hard for the house and there is nothing wrong if she doesn’t know to prepare some dishes and doesn’t want to accept her as her guru and learn from him.
She asks him to apologize Rajjo. Happu tries to say that she ordered him to fight. Amma slaps him again and asks him to apologize Rajjo. Happu apologizes Rajjo.

Kids plan to shift Masterji to some other place and asks Happu if the route his clear. Happu says always someone or the other barges in. Beni walks in. Kids shut Masterji’s mouth and cover him. Beni tells Happu that he prepared speech for him and describes how Happu is a honest officer and will not forgive even his children if they commit any mistake. Happu shows Masterji. Beni shouts in shock. Happu describes him whole story. Beni suggests him to keep him hostage till the teacher’s day function is over.

Beni guards outside when Reshampal walks in and asks about Happu. Beni says he and Happu are planning an alcohol session and he has gone to bring Rajjo’s prepared papad. Commissioner asks if he can join them. Beni says he is too old to join them. Commissioner goes to get papad. Masterji falls on him. Commissioner writhes in pain and is shock to see Masterji there. Happu with children walk to him and explain whole story. Commissioner says they will go to jail for kidnapping Masterji. Masterji wakes up and asks where is he. Commissioner realizes he lost his memory and says he was kidnapped, but Happu’s brave children saved him. Masterji gets impressed by kids and promises to praise them on stage during janmastami celebration. Once Masterji leaves, Happu and his children thank Reshampal and hug him.

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Rajjo gifts a sari to Amma and apologizes for her mistake. She says when her children does mistake, she forgives them and teaches them; she forgot that amma is her mother and teacher and misbehaved her. Amma forgives and hugs her. Later, family celebrates Janmastami function with a skit.

Precap: No precap today.