Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kids try to make Happy overcome his fear

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Resham Pal asking Happu to come as he brings him to park and asks him to relax. Happu lies on his lap and says his nose will be cut if anyone sees him like this. Resham Pal blackmails him and says I heard someone is taking bribe in the PS. Happu barks. Resham Pal asks him to go and freshen up. He asks him to go and catch the ball, and then he will give biscuit to him. A couple comes there and gets surprised to see Happu as dog. The guy comments if Police does this, then how will save people. Resham Pal asks happu to bring the ball. Happu cries and asks God to make Resham Pal as God in next birth.

The kids come to school. They lie to Master ji that Happu is in the hospital and prays to God to make him fine. Master ji asks him what has happened to him. The kids lie different illness, and then tells that he had multiple problems. Master ji asks them to go home and tells that he will pass them in exam. Kamlesh, Kat and Raju come out. Kat asks Kamlesh to have icecream with her. Kamlesh refuses. Malaika says they shall have chaat. Kamlesh agrees. Kat says you can’t have it. He says he can have it. They come to the chaat shop. Kamlesh orders chaat for Malaika, Raju and himself. Kat asks what about me. Kamlesh tells that you don’t eat. Kat insists to eat. She takes the chaat. Kamlesh calls Malaika as Piddi. She says she used to hate this word, but now likes it. Kamlesh says you are my best friend. Kat asks what about me. He says just a friend. Kat gets upset and goes.

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The kids come home and lies to Happu that Master had open heart surgery and gave them 4 days holiday. Happu understands they are lying and says even he used to make such mistakes. He comes to room and asks where is Raju? Rajjo plays the dog barking sound in her mobile and teases him. Happu asks if she doesn’t know that he is scared of dog. Chamchi hears them and tells her brothers that they shall lock Raju in bathroom with Happu, so that the latter get over his fear. They take Raju inside the bathroom and asks it to love their Papa.

Later Amma hears dog crying and tells that Dada ji said that if Dog cries then someone will die surely. She says Dada ji is saying this. Dada ji says he is a dog lover. Kat asks if this is truth. Kamlesh tells that nobody try to find out why does it cry. Malaika feels proud of Kamlesh and says you can be my friend. Kat asks what you are saying? Malaika says he is good, I am regretting to beat him. She shakes hand with him. Kat goes upset.

Rajjo comes out and asks Happu to come, and says the way is cleared. Happu comes out and asks where is Raju? Hritik says it went out with Malaika. Chamchi asks Happu what he will do if get locked with Raju. Happu asks why? Ranbir asks him to keep his hand on the dog. Happu asks him not to talk like this, and goes to bathroom.

Episode ends.