Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu takes Raju to his home

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Amma asking Kamlesh to clean the rice properly. Hritik and Chamchi come there, and Ranbir acts as dog, and crawls. Chamchi calls him Tommy and asks him to greet Dadi, Kamlesh and Kat. Kat asks what happened? Hritik says they thought to act as dog for 2 hours each. Kamlesh asks them not to act as dog. Rajjo comes there and tells that Happu is bringing something which is good news for kids and bad news for us. Amma says Happu is bringing saree for me. Rajjo tells her that Happu called and said that resham Pal ordered him to keep his dog here for 3 days. The kids get happy and go to make grand welcome of dog. Kamlesh laughs. Kat says she hates pet and asks Kamlesh to go. Kamlesh asks Amma, if she likes dogs. Amma scolds him to do the work. Happu comes home and sees the decoration, balloons and carpet on the way. He says I was never welcomed like this. Beni brings the dog there. Happu hides behind Rajjo seeing the dog. The kids happy and play with the dog. Beni asks Happu if kids were happy like this seeing you. Happu says my respect is more worse than the dog. Kamlesh takes the dog and makes Malaika touch it. Amma refuses to touch it and goes. Rajjo says she is scared of dogs and run inside. Happu runs inside calling Amma.

Later Kamlesh and Malaika are making house for Raju. Amma asks them to stop it. Kat says she is scared of dogs and asks Amma to see that Kamlesh and Malaika have become friends. Amma tells that she is scared of dogs as in her childhood, the dog came to her. Kamlesh says it might want to lick you. Amma scolds Dada ji.

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Happu asks Beni to keep the dog in this house. Beni agrees. Just then Vimlesh comes running there and tells that the stray dog was behind her, and she saved her life with much difficulty. She says she doesn’t go to the persons who keep the pet. Beni tells Happu that he can’t keep Raju in his house.

Back to present, Resham Pal brings Happu to his house and asks him to salute. He asks him to guard the house and sleep now. He takes out the dog’s biscuit and asks him to eat it. Resham Pal asks him to guard the house and says this is your value. He goes inside.

Happu tells the viewers that he has taken Resham pal lightly and says he wanted to get rid of Raju and now his condition is more worst.

Kamlesh takes care of Raju and asks it for a kiss. Happu asks Raju to bite him. Kamlesh asks him not to teach bad things to Raju. Rajjo comes there and tells that his kids don’t want to go to school. Amma asks if kids are of just happu. Rajjo says they were good in her womb, and got spoilt just as they grew up. The kids come there and start playing with Raju. Happu tells that there was monkeys Ranbir and Hritik and says when they looked for jobs. He says they told the interviewer that that can best in handling dogs and can find out the things like sniffer dogs.

Episode ends.