Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu’s Dilemma


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Rajjo offering tea to Amma happily singing a song and asking why she didn’t blabber today. Amma asks why would she blabber unnecessarily. Happu joins them and asks Amma if she is taunting her DIL. Amma says why would she taunt her before getting a gift. Rajjo asks gift for what? Amma says teacher’s day is after 2 days and she deserves a gift from Rajjo for teaching her everything from cooking to cleaning. She laughs recalling how bad a cook Rajjo was and how rats died eating her worst kheer during her kitchen ritual. Rajjo asks when did she point a mistake in her cooking last time. Amma says 4 days ago, she pointed out that salt was less in a curry. Rajjo asks Happu if Amma did. Happu stuck between them stammers. Rajjo reminds how Happu praised her dish 2 days ago and said it’s better than Amma’s dish. Amma asks if he said so. Happu stammers again nervously. Amma says he always tells that her dish is better than Rajjo. Rajjo says she has surpassed Amma’s teachings and can become Amma’s teacher now. Amma says she can never become her teacher. Rajjo walks away. Amma scolds Happu and says she will prove that she is Rajjo’s teacher and continues to criticize her cooking.

Ranbir, Hrithik, and Chamchi enjoy pastry at school. Ranbir says pasty bought from the money stolen from papa’s wallet takes really good. Hrithik says his pastry tastes like a stone. Ranbir says he should throw it then and throws his pastry away. It falls on their teacher. Teacher scolds them. They say it’s not their mistake. Teacher says they threw water on him from the window the other day. Hrithik says he had eaten paan that day and spit a gargled water out or else teacher would have scolded them. Ranbir says he eats paan to redden his lips. Teacher says he will punish them with a teacher’s day speech on 5th September. He walks away in a peculiar style enjoying the pastry on his face.

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Happu punishes a criminal in lockup. Reshampal walks in and asks who is he. Happy says a dreaded thief who stole diamond. Reshampal says he is invited as a chief guest at his children’s school on a teacher’s day. Happu says that is good. Reshampal says since he can’t go, he wants Happu to go there a chief guest as it’s a question of their department’s honor. Happu happily agrees. Reshampal leaves. Happu asks Manohar to bring tea. Thief says he doesn’t need tea. Happu slaps him and says it’s for him.

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