Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th May 2023 Written Episode Update: The kids demand to go for outing

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Happu coming home and telling that Resham Pal called urgent meeting. Rajjo asks him to change the clothes so that she can serve the food. Happu asks what is the hurry? He sees everyone busy in watching TV and switches it off. He scolds them for not giving him water and asks about Chamchi. Malaika says she went for school campaign. Happu asks how was the exams? Rajjo says Papa is asking if you will pass. Ranbir asks her not to talk small thing. Happu says until we see the good numbers, we will not believe. Hritik says he thought to go out with them. Ranbir says we shall go to Kashmir. Dadi tells that they shall go to place where there is a temple. Kat says we shall go to hill station. Hritik says we will go to jungle and Papa will shake up seeing tiger. Happu is firm on his decision and says he has much work to do, and nobody is going anywhere.

Rajjo comes to Happu and offers to massage his head etc. Happu refuses. Rajjo says kids are just asking for outing. Happu says he can’t take them out. Rajjo says my kids’ heart will be broken. The kids are doing the strike, but Happu refused to budge on their demands. He blames Rajjo for giving birth to rakshas kids. The kids decide to leave the house. Amma asks Happu what is he doing? Happu says they are doing drama here. Malaika says we can’t stay here even for a moment. Amma asks Happu to stop them. Happu agrees to their demand. They go inside the house.

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In the PS, Resham Pal tells happu and Manohar about getting the seized jewellery deposited. He gets a call and talks to the person on call. He says he used to sell cow milk and then thinks what is he saying. Happu tells Resham Pal that kids must be waiting for him. Resham Pal gets emotional and says his son Monty don’t talk to him, as he didn’t give him time. Manohar brings juice and drinks it.

Kat tells Kamlesh that they are going out. Kamlesh tells that his Papa used to take him to brothel. He says all his holidays used to end there, and says Kat is always lucky. He says he will ask Happu uncle to take him. Hritik dreams to get Singapore. Ranbir says Antarctica, south pole, north pole. Rajjo says the expenses shall be less. Beni also suggests a place. Rajjo and Amma argue. Happu asks them to stop fighting and says they will go to foreign. Hritik says I will call Chamchi and tease her. Ranbir says there will be no problem. Happu says yes.

Episode ends.