Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Resham Pal asks Happu to marry his sister in law


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Beni trying to pacify Happu and he doesn’t respond. Beni asks Vimlesh to see what happened to him. Vimlesh says his sugar must be down. Happu asks her to call Rajjo. Vimlesh calls Rajjo. Rajjo is about to pick the call, but Kat stops her. Kamlesh picks the call and talks in Nepalese language that all lines are busy. Malaika slaps him. Kat asks him not to behave like mad and foolish. Kamlesh says sorry. Happu sees Resham Pal coming there drunk and like Devdas avatar. He goes to him, takes his drink and drinks. He hugs him and cries.

Resham Pal asks him not to tell that even his wife….Happu says she has fled. In the morning, Happu calls Rajjo. Amma says she went to Nepal. Happu says I remember. Amma asks if you remember Lajjo. Happu asks if she has eloped. Amma tells that she is ready to elope and asks him to marry her. Happu gets upset and asks if anyone can give love to the kids like Rajjo. Amma asks him to see that he has a long life ahead. Happu gets upset and goes. Rajjo gets happy and signs Amma.

All the kids come to Happu. Kat says we want revolution. Hritik says we want our Mummy to return. Ranbir asks him to go to Nepal. Happu says he doesn’t know any info till now. Chamchi says all this world wants to know where is Mummy? Happu asks why they are doing drama? The kids ask them to get married and bring new Mummy. Chamchi cries and says she wants gobi ki parathe. Hritik says I want to have aloo paratha. Ranbir asks who will take care of the kids who is in cradle. Happu says I will take care of them, I am your mother and father now.

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The kids come to Amma and ask her to give food. Amma says she will give them food in 3 minutes. She gives them snacks and asks them to have it. Later Happu is drunk and misses Rajjo. Rajjo comes to room and touches his forehead. Gabbar calls Rajjo. Rajjo says Happu has past in his test and says I am a bad wife. Gabbar says your mother is the worst. Rajjo says she wants to take care of her husband.

Later Amma gets back pain and asks Happu to send her to Atbeer’s house. Happu asks why you are doing work and asks where is Rajjo? Amma slaps him and tells that she is in Nepal. Resham Pal comes there and tells that his wife returned, and she has not eloped, and had gone to her mayka. He gives him bananas as sweets and suggests Happu to remarry his sister in law. Happu says Rusa is very younger than me. Resham Pal says he is talking about Rupa, Rusa’s elder sister who is 40 years and still unmarried. He asks Happu to be healthy. Later in the PS, Resham Pal introduces Rupa to Happu and goes. Happu tells Rupa that he loves his wife very much and can’t marry anyone. Rupa asks then why did you agree? Happu says family pressure. Rupa asks why you are insulting me. Happu requests her to refuse for marriage. Rupa says she can’t, as she likes him very much. Happu asks her to understand. She says she has falling in love with him. Happu asks her to refuse for marriage. She asks if I don’t refuse, then?

Episode ends.