Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu refuses to doubt on Rajjo


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kamlesh coming home indisguise. Hritik says don’t know why Mummy selected you for the drama. Kamlesh says she saw talent in me and that’s why she has selected me. Happu comes there and asks who is he? Kamlesh says he is Vinod, Chedi’s nephew and tells that he will wash the clothes. Rajjo says you are handsome and asks why you do this work. Kamlesh as Vinod tells that if he gets any good work then he will stay here. Rajjo asks if he has any pain. Kamlesh tells that he wants to be hero, but he became washerman’s hero. Rajjo asks if he is hero from her locality and asks him to dance on the baby song. Kamlesh dances on the song baby ko babe pasad hain. Rajjo also dances. Malaika says if his moustache comes out then I will not leave you. Rajjo says you have talent, and asks him to become hero, says she will talk to his Chacha. Kamlesh says you have won my heart. Malaika asks if you are from Badayu, then how can you talk to Haryanvi language. Kamlesh says when your daughter is talking in Haryanvi language, and other daughter in other language, says there is something wrong in your family. Kamlesh says his father is from Haryana and mother from Badayu. Rajjo asks Malaika to go. Malaika goes. Rajjo tells Kamlesh that she will search girl for him and asks him to focus on becoming hero.

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Happu keeps ice on his head. Malaika comes there and tells him that Rajjo praised Vinod a lot and called him chocolaty, handsome and hero. In the night, Rajjo is talking about film dialogue and tells that she is a fan of Vinod Khanna. Happu says he thought she is talking about Vinod, washerman. Rajjo says no. Happu and Manohar plays with paper rockets. Resham Pal comes there and cries, hugging Happu. He says my wife eloped. Manohar asks with whom? Resham Pal asks Happu to search his wife and tells that he don’t want people to raise finger on city. Happu says if a person can’t handle his wife, then he shall die and says he is not asking me to do.

Rajjo asks Kamlesh to take her on the bike from near the Police station. Manohar comes to the window to throw something and sees Rajjo on the bike with someone. He calls Happu and asks him to see. Manohar says Rajesh Bhabhi is on the bike with a young guy. Happu says the guy is from Badayu and is not stranger and asks him not to doubt. The kids come to Happu and tells him that they saw Mummy with Vinod Khanna, having icecream at the parlour, and the cone was one. Happu asks so what? Hritik says then Vinod dropped her home. Ranbir says they are getting closer. Beni and the kids ask him to think.

Episode ends.