Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu crosses the limits while fulfilling the blackmailer’s wishes


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ranbir, Hritik and Chamchi coming to Happu, and tells that they are preparing for exam and will crack it. Happu asks them to talk in easy language. Chamchi asks him to bless them, so that they get pass. Ranbir and Hritik also ask for his blessings. Happu says he is very happy hearing them but don’t get trapped in any wrong case. He gets a message in which he is asked to tell the true rate to Kamlesh of the watch. Kamlesh tells Kat that his father didn’t buy watch worth Rs. 450 Rs till now. Happu comes there. Kamlesh is happy and asks him if he can call him Papa. Happu says you are also like my son. Kamlesh calls him Papa and hugs him. Happu tells him that the watch is worth 75 Rs and not 45000 Rs. Kamlesh gets angry and calls him snake. He goes. Happu is upset whatever he has done. He gets next message in which he is asked to put cheating chits in children’s bags. Happu thinks he can’t do. He gets another threatening message. Bhatia calls Beni and Vimlesh picks the call. Vimlesh asks who is he? He says he is Bhatia (A doctor). Vimlesh asks if he came out of hospital. Bhatia says no, he is still in hospital. Vimlesh asks him to take care of himself. Beni takes the call and asks Bhatia to take care. Bhatia says I am a doctor myself and I am fine. Happu comes to children’s room and puts the chits in their bags. Ranbir wakes up and asks what you are doing here? Happu asks him to sleep. Chamchi wakes up. Happu says he came to cover them with blanket.

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Manohar shows the report to Changez. Changez asks him to see it. He comes near Happu and asks how the blackmailing cases are going on. Happu says tailor’s own clothes are torn. He asks Changez to help him as someone is blackmailing him. Changez asks him to do as he says. Resham Pal comes there. Changez tells him that he has handled the blackmailer, blackmailing Happu. He says now Happu is feeling light. Changez messages Happu to say bad words to Resham Pal. Resham Pal asks Happu if he has taken the wrong decision. Happu starts yelling at Resham Pal right on his face. Resham Pal gets much angry.

The kids come home and cry that they couldn’t write the exam, as someone had put chits in their bags. Chamchi says our truthfulness doesn’t suit that person. Happu gets a message and reveals to the kids that he has done this. They cry and go from there.

Episode ends.