Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Baba curses Happu


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Happu and Beni sit to have a drink on the stairs. Beni asks why did he bring foreign wine and tasty chakna? He asks him to tell about his happiness. Happu tells him about Manohar telling about the baba, whom he thought as imposter, but the baba blessed him. He says Rajjo never loved him like today. He says when he came home, Rajjo came running and took him to room, and loved him madly. Beni asks Happu to take him to baba and tells that he is yearning for Vimlesh’s love and tells that she doesn’t love him the way he wants. Happu tells him that he shall act as if he is love deprived, and tells that I went to test him, and lied. Beni says they are divine and says he shouldn’t have lied. Happu says nothing will happen, and asks him to drink and come.

Kamlesh asks Kat, what she wants as gift? Kat tells that she wants full make up vanity. Kamlesh says I can get moon, stars etc for you, as you are my friend Kat. Kat asks from where you will get money. Kamlesh says he will get because of Kanpur printing record, and tells that they record the unique persons. Kat asks whom you are searching? Kamlesh says he is searching foolish person in Kanpur and is getting 25000 Rs for it. Kat says I will search it too. Malaika says if I tell you about the foolish person, then will you give me 25 percent. He says he will give 50 percent. Malaika shows his own photo to him. Kamlesh says she is showing my photo to me. Malaika says nobody can be foolish than you. Kat says you are my friend and can’t be foolish.

Happu and Beni come to baba. Beni asks if he is here or gone. Happu says he is meditating. He says baba ki jai. He tells Baba that Beni is having a problem in his married life. Baba tells them that lying is wrong, and tells Happu that he has lied to him before and even now lying. Happu asks Baba to see that he himself is shaking up. Baba gets angry and curses him that he will be called as foolish and stupid man and throws water on it. Beni moves away, so that the water don’t fall on him.

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Happu comes to PS, and tells him about Baba’s curse. Manohar says I shall test you, if you tell the right answer then you are intelligent. He questions him, and Happu answers him. Manohar then asks second question. Happu answers well. Manohar appreciates him. Happu asks him to ask more. Manohar asks Happu who has stepped on the moon. Happu says bahubali, means Neil Armstrong. Manohar appreciates him. Resham pal comes there and tells Happu that he has to go and catch the goon. Happu says he will go and catch him. Resham Pal says you are very clever. Kat asks Kamlesh what he will ask the person? Kamlesh says ok. Malaika comes there and asks him to go. Kamlesh says first question, what is the thing which nobody can stop from getting drown. Kat says it is easy and tells that the one who doesn’t know swimming drowns. Kamlesh asks another question and she can’t answer him. He thinks she is the foolish person, but he can’t give her name for record. He tells Kat that she is very intelligent like Happu uncle and goes.

Happu comes home. The kids say thank god you came early, and tells that their school want to take their test, to check their IQ level for their next year admission. Happu says it is wrong and says in his times, it is not like that. Chamchi and other kids argue. Happu says he will answer well and get their admission done. Chamchi says Dadi is calling you. Happu goes to Amma.

Episode ends.