Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu’s Children Get Upset With Him


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Daadi trying to console crying chamchi. Her siblings try to calm her down. Happu returns home late at night and asks why Chamchi is crying. Chamchi and other children confront him for skipping their parent-teacher meeting. Happu says he was busy with work. They all refuse to trust him and criticize him for his careless behavior towards them. Manohar walks in and gives him a tiffin saying he forgot it at the restaurant. Family frowns more on Happu.

In the room, Rajjo confronts Happu for lying to kids. Happu says he was at the restaurant to catch Shakal as he got an information that Shakal would visit that restaurant, he had a fierce gun battle with Shakal. Rajjo asks if he had worn a waterproof jacket. Happu says it’s called bulletproof jacket, a bullet had just passes closed to his ears and he couldn’t hear for some time. Rajjo cries saying he wants to turn her into a widow and make her wear white sari. Happu tries to comfort her.

Dadaji flirts with Amma and reminds her how he visited her disguised as santa and gifted her a diamond ring on their first Christmas. Amma feels shy recalling how he fixed ring in her amma’s finger instead of her and how her father trashed Dadaji when he learnt about it. Dadaji says his back pains even then, but he tolerated it because he loves her immensely. Amma feels shy. Happu walks in. Dadaji feels disappointed seeing him. Happu asks if amma is feeling shy, then his father is sitting around. Amma asks him reason for coming. Happu asks her a way to calm down kids. Amma suggests him to give them gifts disguised as santa. Happu agrees.

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Next morning, Amma informs children about Happu’s surprise plan. Happu walks to them ready for work. Children bluntly say them bye. Happu reaches police station and sees Manohar flirting with his wife over phone. He scolds Manohar and asks him to bring santa’s dress. Commissioner walks in and orders Happu that he will be on duty on 24th December night. Happu says he can’t as his children need him. Commissioner refuses to give him leave. Drama continues..

Precap: Chamchi tells her siblings that papa promised her that he will disguise as Santa Claus and surprise them with gifts. Manohar tells Happu that he couldn’t get Santa dress for him. Happu calls a tailor who stitches Santa Singh’s dress instead.