Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu dances with Rajjo in air


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Happu and Beni dressed up like they used to be in their hey days, to recreate that moment. Happu roars and asks shall we go to watch film. Beni says Mawali film is being made on us. Happu says he knows the song ek aankh mare toh….He says he will become atleast constable. Beni says his father wants him to become lawyer. Happu says our Jodi is best. Rajjo and Vimlesh come there dressed up like those girls who insulted him. Beni says our girlfriends have come. Happu asks who are you? Rajjo gives her intro. Malaika pours water on his head. Happu dances, slips and falls down. Rajjo and Vimlesh laughs just like the girls. Beni asks him to wake up the lion inside him. Happu gets up and tells Beni that he got rid of his fear. Ranbir sings a sad song. Hritik tells that he has an idea. Chamchi says what she said that she wanted boyfriend who is Paris returned? Ranbir says yes. They show the photos in which he is standing infront of Eiffel towel. Chamchi asks him to throw the photos at Shanaya. Shanaya comes there. Ranbir shows the photo and says he had gone to Paris two days back. Shanaya says you are not desh bhakt, and tells that she loves her country a lot, and hates people who goes out of country. Ranbir says I am going to hell.

Amma asks Dada ji if he wants to drink tea. Dada ji refuses and says you know that I am a soul and can’t touch anything. He is upset that she will go to Paris. Amma promises him that she will send just the kids to Paris, but she will stay back with him here. Dada ji gives her permission to make dance reel with Gabbar. Gabbar comes there with neck band and tells that Doctor said…. He sits and says Doctor said that I can’t do any activity or dance for a month. Dada ji is happy.

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Rajjo is in the room and asks Happu, how is she looking? Happu says very nice. Kamlesh brings dress for him, and says it is like rain coat. Amma comes there and tells Happu that if they are selected, then also she can’t go to Paris. Rajjo says what we will go there, without spices, vegetables are of no use. Amma goes. The kids come there. Ranbir tells Happu that he is the country lover and don’t want to go to Paris. Hritik and Chamchi also refuse to go there. Rajjo says what happened to them. Happu says they have become country lover. Rajjo says once we win, we will drag them to Paris.

Happu says they will make video. Rajjo says if I win then you have to do something for a week. Happu says even you have to do the same thing. He whispers to her, and she shyly runs away.

Later Happu comes out ready in the costume given by Rajjo. Kat and Kamlesh play the song. Tip Tip barsa pani……Rajjo and Happu start dancing. Kat says they are rocking. Kamlesh records their video, and shows to Kat. Kat says well done. Manohar comes there and says Resham Pal called him urgently, and says they have arrested La make up va people, and tells that they are fraud. Happu asks Rajjo if she had applied the same company’s make up. She says yes and cries.

Episode ends.