Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu spikes Beni’s drink to steal his file


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Happu coming to school to meet Master ji. He asks Master ji, how is he? Master ji says he is fine. Happu says I am not fine, but you can make me fine. Master ji says he is not the doctor. Happu shows the sweet box in which there is money bundles. He offers him bribe to pass his kids in the exam. Master ji gets angry and asks him to leave, asks if he doesn’t have any values or not. He says there is CCTV TV everywhere in the school and asks him to get out. Happu thinks he got badly insulted by Master. He thinks atleast the money got saved which he earned with difficulty. He sees the kids at the burger shop and tells them that Master ji insulted him, but he didn’t say anything, as it is the matter of their life. He says next time, I will not go as it is the matter of my respect. Chamchi asks what will happen to our future. Hritik says what we will do now. Ranbir tells that they shall learn to sign. Happu asks if you didn’t know how to sign. He says he will change their school, and asks them to study in a new school. The kids tell that they will be in the same class and their 1 year will be wasted. Hritik asks him to get them pass this time. Ranbir says if you don’t want us to study then we will beg. Hritik says we will work in hotel or will do boot polish. Hritik thinks he has to do something and says we will talk in evening.

Happu comes to the PS: Manohar tells Happu that he has caught M. Santoshi school Principal’s brother in law, who was taking money for the kids admission. Happu thinks he shall talk to him, and asks Manohar to lock him inside. He asks him to bring kachori from Jai prakash halwai. Manohar says it is far. Happu asks him to take his scooter, and says he will get petrol. Manohar says already 25000 Rs. needs to be paid. Happu asks him to go. Manohar goes. Happu asks the brother in law of the Principal to get his kids pass in the exam. The brother in law tells that a lawyer is having his file and asks him to get the proofs from him. He says his name is Beni prasad, LLB. Happu thinks God is on his side. He does deal with him.

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Amma comes home and asks Kamlesh to make shikanji. She says she couldn’t bargain. Happu and Beni come there. Amma gives them shirts for their friendship anniversary. Beni asks if you are going somewhere. Amma tells that she is going to jagrata. Beni says party. Amma says yes. Later they wear the shirt and come out. Kamlesh says two brothers from another mother. Happu says they are brothers and makes drink for each other. They drink and dance…Imli ka boota plays…Happu mixes medicine in Beni and Vimlesh drinks, and they get drowsy. Later in the night, he comes out and sees the kids awake. The kids tell that they were worried and tell that they know that he will do something. Happu asks why didn’t you study? The kids start praising Happu. Happu says he understands and tells about Principal’s brother in law’s file which is with Beni, and tells that he will go there and get the file, so that they can pass in exam. The kids get happy. Happu says he has to do this in helplessness and asks them to promise that they will study. The kids promise him. Happu goes to steal the file.

Episode ends.