Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu’s Family Takes Advantage Of His Position


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Happu’s family waiting for him to congratulating him for becoming a police commissioner. Rajjo takes credit for Happu’s success. Amma reminds how she taunted Happu for being an inspector since 10 years. Hrithik and Chamchi say credit goes to spoilt kids who pestered him to work hard and become a commissioner. Kat says credit goes to all 4 of them. Kamlesh says he is very happy. Happu walks from behind and asks Amma whom they are waiting for. Amma says they are waiting to felicitate him and dances with everyone. Happu dances with her. Amma says credit goes to her sacrifice and walks with him in style. Happu ignores Beni.

After some time, Beni brings alcohol for Happu to celebrate and praises him for getting promoted. Happu humiliates him for bringing cheap liquor and says his best friend is a commissioner now, so he has to respect him and stop taking up petty cases and take big cases hereon. In the room, Babuji tells Amma that Happu didn’t come to take his blessings. Amma says he is busy celebrating with Beni. Happu walks in. Amma asks him to take Babuji’s blessings. Happu takes his blessings. Babuji blesses him and says his respect increased in heaven after Happu become commissioner and got double food coupons which he is selling in black. Happu asks what is dokar saying. Amma says he is saying that Happu became commissioner due to her sacrifice, so Happu shift gift her a costly banarasi sari. Happu agrees.

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Rajjo walks to Happu and asks him to come to room and rest. Amma says she will send him in some time and continues to show her importance and demands more gifts from Happu. Babuji says he didn’t such a clever woman even in heaven. Rajjo repeatedly returns to Happu and asks him to come to the room. Amma repeatedly stops Happy. Drama continues. Happy finally visit Rajjo. Rajjo wearing Happu’s hat and holding his stick and welcomes him. She gets romantic and asks if he is a commissioner, even her designation is elevated. Happu says absolutely yes. Their romance starts.

Next day, at school, Chamchi and Hrithik enjoy being respected by classmates. Masterji passes by. They call him rudely. Masterji scolds them and asks if they finished homework. They say no as their father become a police commissioner and they were celebrating his success. Masterji gest happy and lifts their bags till their class. At college, Kat with Malaika and Kamlesh walks to her rival Soniya and shows her appointment letter where she replaces Soniya in a cat walk on stage. Soniya says this is cheating. Kat humiliates her. Soniya walks to her boyfriend and complains. Boyfriend confronts Kat. Kat humiliates even him and slaps him. Drama continues..

Precap: Happu gives orders to Reshampal. Reshampal gets an email that he is promoted back as commissioner and Manohar demoted as a constable; he suspends Happu.