Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Roshan posts Happu’s video on social media


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Manohar asking Happu to clean the jeep well. Happu tells Manohar that seems like he is more experienced to wash the car. Manohar asks what? Happu says this jeep wash. He asks Manohar to talk to him with respect, else he will expose his deeds. Manohar says if I expose you then you will be beaten with sticks. Happu says if I was an Inspector then your life would have gotten Amavasya. Hritik’s friend Roshan sees Happu washing the jeep and records the video. Rajjo and Vimlesh come to the temple to see Rapper baba. They see Rapper Baba coming there. Vimlesh asks how was your visit to Switzerland. He says he has saved his money by going to local Indian Switzerland. Rajjo says I know it is near Dalhousie. She asks him to take back the curse. Rapper baba says Amma shall apologize to him. Vimlesh says if you get angry again then might curse her again. He says he will take back the curse only if vimlesh dances, as she seems to be intelligent. Rajjo convinces Vimlesh to dance. Vimlesh dances on Radhe song.

Hritik is playing the video game and says attack Roshan. Ranbir tells Hritik that Roshan attacked their respect. Chamchi takes the phone and scolds Roshan. Ranbir tells Hritik that he has all donkey friends and shows the video. Hritik asks who has put Papa’s video on social media. Ranbir and Chamchi say that your friend Roshan posted it. Hritik calls Roshan and confronts him, and ends friendship with him. He says how to make Papa say. Chamchi says she has an idea.

Happu comes home. The kids come to Happu. Happu calls them his diamonds. Ranbir says we have some work with you. Happu asks do you want money? Hritik says time. Chamchi says we have to write about the family members day out. Happu says he is not Inspector now. Ranbir emotionally blackmails him. Happu tells that he has so much work and was checking the files. Ranbir says your day was busy. Happu says I had ordered tea, but my dedication was to check the files. Chamchi asks him to tell in detail. Happu lies that he has done so much work and had beaten the goons. Hritik shows the video to Happu. Chamchi says you lied to us. Hritik says Roshan has uploaded the video on social media and people are commenting on it. Kamlesh comes there talking on phone to increase tight security. Happu says jai hind saheb. Kamlesh says you are my uncle ji here. Chamchi asks Kamlesh to tell about his day out. Kamlesh asks them to come. Happu comes to Amma and complains about Kamlesh. Kamlesh comes there and drinks water. Amma asks how was the day? Kamlesh tells that the day was hectic, he didn’t see such a slacker before, tells that there was so much pending files in the office. He says nobody is doing the work right and your son tells that he is not a slacker. Happu says you are saying this to the guy who is of your father’s age. Kamlesh says sorry. Happu says I did wrong to let the snake stay in my house. Kamlesh asks did you say something. Happu says no. Amma says she will massage Kamlesh’s head and sits to massage his head. Happu goes to Beni and cries. Beni says he knows about the video. Happu vents out his pain and roars.

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Episode ends.