Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Inspector Kamlesh saves Malaika and Kat from goons


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Happu crying and tells Rajjo that his timing is bad, and he is oust. Rajjo tries to pacify him. Happu says God didn’t write in my destiny to save Resham Pal. Rajjo asks him not to take blame on himself. Happu says Resham Pal always says that he doesn’t deserve this job, and asks what I will do now. He says I am careless. Rajjo says this is happening because of some outsider. She says you got someone’s curse and tells about Rapper baba’s curse. She says that’s why you lost the job. Happu cries and says Amma drowned me. Rajjo says I will go to temple and asks Rapper baba to take back the curse. Happu says my life will be complicated and asks her to solve his life.

Kat and Malaika plan to surprise Kamlesh. They show cake to Kamlesh. Kamlesh says he can’t believe. Malaika says we have become your fan now, you have to believe. Kat says my friend has become Kanpur Police, and asks him to have cake. He cuts the cake. Malaika forcefeeds cake in his mouth. Kamlesh says I can’t have it, else will vomit. Malaika says you have to be brave and protect us. She says she is not angry seeing him. Kat says he is supercop Kamlesh. Kamlesh recalls stepping on the banana feel and falling infront of Resham pal.

Happu comes out wearing constable’s uniform. He asks the kids what they are doing? The kids tell that they are waiting for Kamlesh to drop them. Happu asks if the crow didn’t come. Kamlesh comes there dressed as Inspector. The kids salute him and say Jai hind. Happu looks at him and says Jai hind. Kamlesh says Saheb….Happu says Saheb. He calls him beta. Kamlesh asks him why he is calling him beta and says I am having sharp mind like eagle and not foolish like an owl. He asks Happu to go and wash the scooter and then drop kids to school. He says if they get unwell then who will take care of them. Kat brings juice and gives to Kamlesh. Kamlesh thanks her and drinks. Happu stares her. Kamlesh says I will stare her, means see her. He asks Happu to wash his scooter first. He says sorry to Kat and says I am talking to the constable. Kat says you both are doing your duty.

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Amma and Rajjo come to the temple and see a beggar who begs in a poetic way. They ask who is he? The beggar says he is Kaviraj. Amma and Rajjo tell him about Rapper baba’s curse. Amma says she will beg for forgiveness. Kaviraj says Rapper baba has made your son as constable and tells that now nothing can be done. He says Rapper baba has cursed many and went to Switzerland for 5 days holiday. He says when he returns, then his charan amrit will look cool. Amma and Rajjo are worried.

Kat and Malaika are surrounded by the goons who tease them. Kat calls Kamlesh who is beating a goon for teasing girl. He says he will come there. Kamlesh makes a heroic entry there in the jeep. The goon asks who is this Inspector? Kamlesh gives his introduction and tells that he is supercop Kamlesh. He shoots on the ground. The goons run away. Malaika and Kat come to him, fully impressed. Malaika says she has become his fan now. Kamlesh says I will not let the girls go alone, and asks them to come in his jeep.

Later in the PS, Kamlesh tells Happu that he will be punished. Manohar says then you will be suspended. Happu scolds him. Manohar asks Kamlesh to see. Kamlesh asks him not to threaten any Police officer else he will suspend him. Happu promises that he will do duty with his body and heart. Resham Pal comes there and appreciates Kamlesh. He says I am sure that the rule and discipline will be followed in his presence. Kamlesh assures him. Resham pal asks Happu to learn from Kamlesh. Kamlesh asks Happu to clean the jeep and asks Manohar to keep an on him.

Episode ends.