Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu gets alarmed seeing Rajjo’s dress


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Happu telling Beni that he has invited headache by calling coach and says he is not concentrating on kids, and tells him what he saw. Beni asks him not to think about Guru and Shishya wrongly and says you thoughts are wrong. Happu says he massaged it first, but why he lectured me on video call not to touch Rajjo. Beni says he is a worried coach and he asked you not to press the wrong nerve. Happu asks if I don’t know about my wife. Beni says I don’t want to talk about Rajjo and your relation, and says I am just talking about game. He says your thoughts are cheap, and says disgusted. Happu shares his worries. Beni asks if you trust your wife or not. Happu says fully. Beni asks him to go then.

Janardan plays with kids. Amma smiles seeing the game. Manohar comes to PS and says Bansal’s wife left for forever, so I didn’t ask him money. Happu says I saw her having gol gappa and asks if it was stuck in her throat, that she died. Manohar says she has eloped with her yoga teacher. He asks how is Rajesh Bhabhi’s training going on.

Rajjo comes out of house wearing skirt and tshirt, with Kat. Janardhan looks at her and smiles. The kids also smiles seeing her. Amma gets shocked. Chamchi says you are looking cute. Amma asks why your legs are naked. Rajjo says she had fallen in saree, so Vimlesh gave her idea and Kat brought this dress. Kat asks how is the Maasi idea? Amma says that mad woman can think of such an idea. Janardhan asks the kids to go out for an hour and walk. Ranbir says you asked us to play for an hour. Janardhan says I am coach and asks them to go. He asks Rajjo to play. Rajjo says ok.

Resham Pal comes to the PS and asks Happu to ask Rajjo to double her practice. Happu says kids are having exam now. Resham Pal says tournament is after 3-4 months and says first he will make her play at state level and then national level, I will make her champion.

Kat asks Amma if she saw how Mummy is looking. Amma doesn’t like her dress and says she is a mother of 9 kids, such dress doesn’t suit her. Dada ji says she is playing well and will go for olympics. Amma is upset.

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Happu is returning home and sees kids standing under the tree and playing on their mobiles. Ranbir says we ran much, whenever we go home, Master ji asks us to run again. Chamchi says we are tired of running. Happu asks what coach is doing? Hritik says he is teaching Mummy as if she is preparing for nationals. Happu gets worried.

Janardhan and Rajjo are playing stick. He says you are playing well, and plays the song. Amma asks why the song is needed. Dal gaya din plays….Some drunkard men come there and see them. Happu beats them and makes them go. He comes inside and tries to stop Rajjo. He is shocked to see Rajjo’s dress and hears the song playing.

Rajjo is making food in kitchen, plays song on mobile and dances while making food. Vimlesh comes there and says you are fit, fine and energetic. Rajjo says she has become slim and trim and feeling light like cotton. She says once we get children, our body gets unshaped. Vimlesh asks shall I play badminton also. Rajjo says surely. Vimlesh thinks of beni’s words, when Junior Beni will come. Rajjo says Janu sir will teach you nicely. Vimlesh says she will ask Beni. Happu says every husband wants slim trim wife.

Later in the night, Beni comes to bed and asks Vimlesh to turn to him. Vimlesh refuses and says she is sleepy. He again talks about junior Beni. Vimlesh shouts and says she is not interested to become mother right now. Beni is sad.

Amma tells Happu that it doesn’t look nice to see her in small clothes. She asks him to stop her. Happu says his mind was not working due to shock, and says I am crying for giving her permission to play. Amma says you take wrong decisions and then repent. Happu asks Amma to scold her once. Dada ji asks what wrong did she do? Amma says didn’t you see? Dada ji says let bahu play, your thought is bad and says if you don’t let her play then I will not come to meet you. Amma tells Happu. Happu is upset.

Episode ends.