Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu’s Children Seek Masterji’s Help In Calming Down Happu’s Anger


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Ranbir, Hritik, and Chamchi seeking Masterji’s help in calming down Happu’s anger. They request him to act as dead. Masterji refuses saying he is sanskari Masterji. Children say he has to give sishya dakshina like they give him guru dakshina and give him masrterni’s promise. Masterji agrees to act as dead.

Rajjo gets romantic with Happu and they romance on a romantic song when Malaika knocks door like yesterday. Happu gets frustrated as usual and opens door. Malaika says there is much bigger problem than yesterday and asks them to come upstairs soon. Happu and Rajjo walk to children’s room. Malaika alerts children. Kat tells Happu in her usual broken English that she and Kamlesh saw children murdering Masterji. Happu is shocked and asks them to explain in detail. Children says they got fed up of masterji’s tantrums and pushed him in river, they enjoyed seeing him eaten by crocodiles. Happu panics. Children say he told anger is their family’s jewel and they are following family tradition.

Happu rushes to Beni and knocks his door. Beni wakes up and asks who is it. Happu says it’s him, explains how his children killed masterji, and requests him to save his children from punishment. Beni says it’s a juvenile case and he can’t help. Happu returns home feeling concerned for children. Next morning, Chamchi throws tantrum and throws away food. Happu asks her to calm down. Chamchi says anger is her family’s jewel. Happu says wearing too many jewels is not good.

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Happu reaches police station. Masterji’s wife walks in. Manohar gets happy seeing her. Masterni says Masterji is missing since yesterday and she doubts on a few children. Happu gets tensed. Commissioner walks in and after listening to her asks Happu to find Masterji or else find another job for himself. Happy gets tensed. Drama continues…

Precap: Masterji disguised as a ghost demands justice from Happu. Happu requests to forgive his children if they apologize him. Masterji agrees. Children refuse to apologize Masterji and remind Happu that he told anger is their family’s jewel.